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Monday, December 28, 2009

8-bit Metal Monday: Giving It Up For The Punk

Thanks to my absolute lack of auto maintenance know-how, my car has taken a dive on me. As such I've been forced to egt rides from whoever I can. Lately it's been my co-worker Rick, who's way into the punk scene. And with Rich, you better be prepared to listen to a lot of Bad Religion. Dude just loves the stuff.

After listening to a ton of Bad Religion, I now have a major want for a good chunk of their discography. As well as hearing bleepy versions of their tunes. Sadly, Youtube is a little shy in that category at the moment, so instead, enjoy a remixed version of Shattered Faith.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Most Cliche Gaming Article You'll Ever Read

Gaming has come a long way since the late 70's, hasn't it? What was once a hobby almost exclusively enjoyed by nerds and other bottom-rung-on-the-social-ladder types; is now a nearly ubiquitous cultural phenomenon enjoyed by everybody and their mother (literally, even my own grandparents are gamers now). Or at least that's what we'd like to believe, because not all aspects of gamerdom have evolved from our humble, pimply, basement dwelling sweat-stained shirt beginnings. Among other things, the most noticeable facet that impedes our hobby from true mainstream acceptance guessed it, us. Instead of bonding over our shared love of gaming, we treat our fellow button-mashing compadres the same way we treat everything else in life: if you can't fuck it, kill it. Or in the case of gamers, openly mock and ostracize your game-loving brother/sister if their opinions or preferences differ even slightly from their own. Indeed, how can we hope to be accepted by mainstream society in general if we aren't even accepting of each other?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fear Factory: Perfecting the art of reuniting with a whole new line-up

Fear Factory is one of those bands that I feel gets shit on too much. Demanufacture and Obsolete ar eboth metal classics that get continuously overlooked because they've aquied the nu-metal tag in recent years. Okay, so maybe guitarist Dino Cazares eats babies and souls for breakfast, but picking on him is just masking some really great music. Well, talking about all their drama does a good job of that too.

A few years back, Dino was kicked out of the band, presumably for being a gigantic asshole. I like to think he just mistakenly ate someone's spleen. (Ah fuck, now I'm doing it too.) So they moved bassist Christian Olde-Wolbers to guitar, hired Byron Stroud of Strapping Young Lad fame to handle the bass, and off they went again to record a couple more cd's. One was good (Archetype), and the other was the opposite of good (Transgression).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

And now, a moment to gloat.

This past October, I attended the Dethklok/Mastodon show, and it was glorious. Mastodon performed Crack The Skye in it's entirety, and Dethklok did what they did best: sang songs about coffee, mermaid murder, and wanting to keep all their money. Openers High On Fire and Converge were no slage either. It's just a criminal shame that the crowd just didn't get what Converge is all about. God damn hoity toity Detroiters.

i wanted to write a review of the show, but something was missing. A picture. A capture of an event that ruled six ways to Sunday. While it's too damn late to write the review, I have finally received the photo and I must share it with the world (aka all six of you). Be warned though, this is the type of thing to send you into fits of jealousy and possibly want me dead.

The mystery revealed after the jump.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Big Four Unite!

So, remember how Riff made a post about Slayer and Megadeth touring with Testament a while back? We were all pretty pumped about it because it seemed like a concert like that would never exist. The dudes in the Megadeth and Slayer camp weren't the best of friends and they would rather fight instead of play music together. Thrash Metal fans have been begging for a concert like that to happen since the mid 80's. There couldn't possibly anything more monumental than that, could there?

Monday, December 14, 2009

8-bit Metal Monday: Zombified Bleepiness

So, Rob Zombie has decided to stop making horrid remakes and is gracing us with a new album come next year. Of course, his movie endeavors haven't stopped yet, as he's set to ruin another classic by redoing The Blob. You know, with Rob insistent on giving "his vision" on things that don't require it one damn bit, it just makes me more nostalgic for White Zombie. Sure, Rob was the lead song writer in that group too, but at least they had a filtering system. It wasn't all "ME ME LOOK AT ME!!" because the rest of the band wanted the spotlight too. They even wrote some great tunes to go along with their egos.

Speaking of great tunes, here's the bleepy version of Black Sunshine.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mega Man 'Not-X' X revealed in Nintendo Power

Alliteration, FTW. Mega Man X, not to be confused with the spin-off series "X" that debuted on SNES, has been revealed in Nintendo Power in addition to some minute details. Like Mega Man 9, it will be released on downloadable services (although only WiiWare is confirmed thus far) and feature faux 8-bit graphics, with retro-styled fake box art to boot! An easy mode has been confirmed, which should provide a sigh of relief to those who found MM9's difficulty to be overbearing.

The story will involve (the original, and as far as I'm concerned, only) Mega Man and his search for a vaccine for 'Robotenza', a disease that causes infected robots to overheat and lose control. Proto Man will make an appearance, as well as a new Robot Master named Sheep Man. More details at this link.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giving Props To The Man

5 years ago today, Dimebag Darrell was taken from us. If there's day to fit in as much Pantera as you can, than today is it. Now go out and get yourselves pissed on a bunch of Black Toothed Grins and get ya Pull! 3!

R.I.P., Dime

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mudvayne's Self-titled Opus: The Riff Review

So, Mudvayne had this deal going. In the modern era of gimmicky sales pitches, the band created a whole black light deal with their latest album. They even offered a deluxe set to 1,000 people, with a bonus: get the digital copy two weeks before the proper copy's release. Me, being a sucker for gimmicky stuff, plopped down my $70 and am now enjoying the digital handout I was promised.

8-bit Metal Mondays: A Special Message To Machine Head

Oh, Machine Head. How awesome your last cd was. The Blackening is, appropriately enough, your version of Metallica's black album. It brought you accolades, sales, respects from the metal world that will last until the end days, and several tours with 'Tallica themselves. It is, in several words, your finest hour.

I was thrashing out to The Blackening today, once again in total bliss. Then a funny feeling hit me. That feeling of, "Damn, this has been out for a bit." A quick look at the release date proves my theory. March of 2007? Jeezy creezy, that's coming close to three years!

Now guys, I love ya and everything you've done. (We'll just pretend that whole rap era never existed.) The Blackening was super tits. But now it's time to stop all the touring, head back into the studio, and lay down the riffage. You don't need to top your last effort, just give us something good, something heavy. Something that'll let you do your own headlining tour in Detroit! (hint, hint)

Until then, we can only imagine what could be. And listen to bleepy versions of songs off The Blackening. Here's Aesthetics of Hate.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Earthbound = RPG Sex

There comes a rare time when I'll give an RPG a chance. In most cases I don't care for the genre at all, as I don't have the patience for them. The gameplay typically found in RPGs are menu-based, and either way too complex or just too dull. Don't get me started on the storylines, which are often packed with anime cliches and take themselves way too seriously for their own good.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sturby's Holiday Gift Guide for Metal Heads

December hit yesterday and Black Friday was last week for my neighbours to the south, so chances are you've already started getting gifts for the holidays. Amongst all the toys and clothes and trinkets for your friends and family, you may be stuck wondering what to get for the person who loves metal. Hopefully this guide will give you ideas to impress that metal head in your life with things that they may not be expecting. I'm not going to promote specific items to get, these are just starting points to set you on the right path to find the perfect gift.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

8-bit Metal... Tuesdays?

So last week, the 8-bit glory got shuttered thanks to the holiday, and yesterday, I came down with some harsh 24-hour bug that just kept me in the sack all day. But now I've returned, and ready to do.... things. And so to start, how about a bleepy tribute to Ronnie James Dio? Poor guy's been diagnosed woth stomach cancer, but it's in the early stages, so Dio should be able to slay this dragon no sweat.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rob Halford: Metal God, Gamer

It's become public knowledge that most metal touring bands turn into gaming nerds when they're in their tour bus. When you're tour takes you through the gazillion corn fields of the midwest, you just need something to pass the time.

Still you'd think that the older set of metal guys wouldn't touch the stuff. I can't for the life of me imagine Bruce Dickinson playing Sonic, or Tony Iommi going a few rounds in Final Fantasy. Just doesn't look right, does it?

Well, the Metal God himself, Rob Halford, says different.

The man himself states (via Kotaku), that not only himself, but the whole band likes to warm up before a show with some Wii Sports.

"In Judas Priest, we actually play the games in the dressing room, Generally before a show. Just to get in the mood for the excitement and the energy for what we're gonna do.However, at our stately metal god time of life, we tend to do the Nintendo bowling. And the golfing. If there's any energy left after the show, we get into the boxing mode."

While Wii Sports doesn't give Priest hard core gamer cred, it is a start. In the meantime, can someone please introduce these guys to Halo or Street Fighter? Punching and shooting people in the face sounds like a better pre-show warm-up  than whacking a ball with an imaginary putter.

An Open Letter to the Makers or Guitar/DJ/Band Hero

Dear Red Octane/Neversoft/Activision,


No seriously, knock it off. It's getting ridiculous. You really feel the need to sell three huge boxsets this holiday season, in addition to each release as a stand-alone title? Five games. Really? You're basically killing your own market share with that many titles. It doesn't make any sense! I mean, I love Guitar Hero as much as any other metalhead out there (While I'm here let me take this brief moment to thank you for making Guitar Hero: Metallica) but enough is enough already.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Review of 3 SNES oldies

Super Mario All Stars- Released in 1993, SMAS is a collection featuring all of the NES Mario games in a new colorful, 16 bit coat of paint. Also included is the Japanese version Super Mario Bros 2, which up until that point had never been released in America. For those not in the know, Nintendo of America originally declined to release the Japanese SMB 2 in the States because of its jaw-dropping difficulty and nearly identical gameplay, levels, and story to the previous Super Mario Bros. Instead they took the unrelated Doki Doki Panic, a platformer that played nothing like the Mario Bros series, and injected it into a familiar Super Mario backdrop.

I know it's late, but cut a brother some slack.. by Amebix720

I've been a busy boy as of late working on stuff for school. It just so happened that Modern Warfare 2 dropped during a week where I also had a 17 page essay due for one of my classes. Guess which one took up more of my free time? If you said Modern Warfare 2, you would be correct! If you tell my teacher, I'll kill you.

Modern Warfare 2 has been out for almost two weeks now, and having finished the campaign mode, I must say it is the best that the series has to offer. I just liked the fact that your character was fighting on American soil. It had this creepy 24 feel to it, without the Fox News undertones. You start off by playing a private in the U.S. Army who, due to his talents in the field, is able to join up with the C.I.A. and infiltrate this Russian ultra nationalist's camp. Well, you've all seen or played the airport level by now (unless you chose to skip it) and you know where it goes from there.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Devin Townsend's Addicted!: Another Disturbying Review

Addicted! (exclamation mark included) is the second release in the mysterious Devin Townsend Project, which is the brainchild of Strapping Young Lad's founder/frontman.... Devin Townsend. The reason why it is so mysterious is that each record attempts to flesh out a piece of Mr. Devy's identity. After taking a year off from writing, Devin Townsend sat down with a guitar and came up with 60 songs that fit into four distinct music styles. Devin decided to seek out a specific set of musicians to help him bring each style to life on four different albums and release them under the name, Devin Townsend Project. With Ki (the first release of the DTP) Devin succeeded in stepping away from his extreme metal shadow and revealing a side of him that is calm, melodic and peaceful. The record explores a number of different themes from Devin's past addictions to his new found self-control. However, Devin turns a complete 180 with Addicted!, at least in a musical sense.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's like Devil May Cry, but on crack and with boobies

 I was the lucky recipient of an early access code to the demo of Sega's AAA action title, Bayonetta. Actually, I was considering my level of luck here. After seeing a few game screens, I was really skeptical, almost to the point of being cynical. Every screen I saw, the same thought kept creeping up: "Yow, this thing is just too damn stylish fo me. I just don't think I would ever play it."

Well hey, guess what? I'm a cynical douchebag. I'm also completely wrong.

You want a quick opinion of the demo? How about "complete eye-gasm?".

Want a God of War III demo key? How about an ODST theme?

Good fortune smiles upon you today, as us here at GMM Central have aquired two pass keys, one for the E3 God of War III demo for the Playstation 3, and the other for a Halo ODST premium theme for the Xbox 360! The best part is that these can be yours for free! Yep, it's our first official giveaway so we'll keep the rules simple. Just shoot an email over to and put the name of the prize you want to win in the email's title. Only one entry per person, all others get thrown in a dumpster. On Monday, November 23rd, we'll let some random hobo pick a winner and we'll email them the pass key they asked for.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Megadeth and Slayer make nice-nice, decide to make money off each other.

Okay, last bit about Slayer for awhile. Honest. Pinky swear, okay?

News of Slayer and Megadeth touring the world together may be old news now, but nothing has been said about an American version..... until yesterday. The two titans will be doing the U.S. proud when they start decimating cities early next year on the American Carnage. As a little icing on the cake, they'll be bringing their old buddies Testament on the road with them. Ladies and Germs, that's about the closest we'll come to a modern day Clash of the Titans tour. Plus, there's gonna be a limited amount of $10 tickets going on sale, so snag those bad boys up quick!

Now this is one of the positives of capitolism. If you ever put both these bands in the same room, there's a pretty good chance that there's gonna ba an honest-to-goodness fistfight between Dave Mustaine and Kerry King. Or the universe will implode due to the proximity of their egos. One or the other. However, with the economy the way it is, and the very real money making possibility of the tour itself, both bands will keep their distance from one another while in the arenas and entertain the fan's craziest wet metal dreams.

Here's the real question: how long will it take Metallica to realize what a money coup it would be to take all these guys on tour and even add in Anthrax for fun?

Answer: who knows? Ain't like it's ever gonna happen...... maybe.

Is the God of War series the Slayer of the gaming world?

A recent trip to the local Gamestop netted me a code to download the God of War III demo, thanks to a reservation for the super sweet deluxe edition .After gettong about half way through, a realization hit me: I could really go for a sandwich. One trip to the kitchen later, another realization smacked me in the face: forgot the OJ. Then, as I sit back in my recliner, continuing to commit mass genocide via Kratos's blades, a third realization gave me a swift kick in the schmeckie, and it went something like this:

"Wow, GOW III is pretty much like the other GOW games, and I dont mind one damn bit." Taking a big honking bite of my pastrami on rye with mayo and swigging back some sweet citrus nectar, I though about how familiar that sounded. That's when Slayer's Raining Blood popped in my noggin, and it all made sense.

Monday, November 16, 2009

8-bit Metal Mondays-Pulling a switcheroo

Nerdy metal fans aren't just doing bleepy 8-bit Youtube tributes to their fave bands. They're also froming full-on bands and banging out covers of their fave video game themes! One of the most popular is Metroid Metal, and they play exactly what you think they play. Here's a metal rendition of Ridley's theme.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

NyxQuest: The Unofficial Kid Icarus 3

Thank Satan for WiiWare/PSN/XBLA. These 3 built in downloadable services (for Wii, PS3, and 360 respectively) allow upstart developers to release unique, smaller budget games that probably wouldn't see the light of day otherwise. NyxQuest is a product of this new movement, and is also one of the very best Wii titles of the year.

Formerly known as Icarian: Kindred Spirits, NyxQuest is seemingly an homage to Nintendo's classic Kid Icarus series. The last KI game came out on Game Boy in the early 90's, and has been largely ignored ever since. You could almost (emphasis on almost, of course) consider this the 3rd Kid Icarus game Nintendo should have released since the last one came out over 15 years ago.

Friday, November 13, 2009

For the Prog lover in you....

This band is really fucking awesome. If you get a chance to pick up any of their work, it is highly suggested.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Excitebike World Rally: Another Disturbying Review

Background: 1985 is a pretty big year for pop culture. In movies you had Back to the Future, The Goonies, Rocky IV, and The Breakfast Club. In music you had the enormous Live Aid benefit concert, Megadeth's Killing Is My Business... and Business is Good!, Exodus' Bonded in Blood, Anthrax's Spreading the Disease and a bunch of Hair Metal from the likes of Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, W.A.S.P. and White Lion. And in video games you had the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America and Excitebike was a launch title. Here we are 24 years later and we are treated to a brand new update of the classic side-scrolling, motocross game that we all know and love that you can download through Nintendo's WiiWare service.

Monday, November 9, 2009

8-bit Metal Monday: Because I Don't Have Much of a Better Idea at the Moment

Seriously, I've been drawing blanks all day on everything. Math, breathing, standing up straight, all gone to the wind. So we're just gonna keep it simple. Enjoy the bleepy Metallica.

Double Brutal: Another Disturbyng Review

First, I should give everyone a brief history of the band in case you are unfamiliar with this epic act. This is the second release for Austrian Death Machine, following last year's Total Brutal. It is the result of Tim Lambesis' boredom/downtime from As I Lay Dying (Tim is founding member/lead singer). He rented a bunch of Arnold Schwarzenegger flicks, wrote down his favourite quotes and then wrote some songs about them. He even went so far as to get a friend of his to do an Arnold impression and contribute to each song. On the first record you can hear songs like Come With Me If You Want to Live, I Am a Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskeleton, and the single Get to tha Choppa. The tagline for Total Brutal was "A Guitar Solo in every song!" and they did not disappoint. Also, between songs the listener is subjected to fairly humorous conversations between Tim and Ahhhnold. Thankfully, the formula has not changed in Double Brutal.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why, it's lootastic!!

Man oh man, I love me some loot. I approached Borderlands with a great deal of skepticism having played last year's Fallout 3 literally, until I don't ever want to play it again. Was I ready for another post apocalyptic FPS with a side of story? Well as it turns out, yes I was.

Borderlands really has no story to it. It involves a prophecy about a vault and how it holds many treasures. The game tasks you with finding said vault and well, that's about it. There are a myriad of side quests that do little more than either get you an item which is somewhat unique or nabs you experience points. The NPC's you meet along the way do very little to open up the background story of Pandora (which is the planet you are on) but once again, I would argue that this doesn't really matter because this game is all about killing things and grabbing loot.

Slayer World Painted Blood Deluxe Edition Review

Ladies and germs, here is your mandated public service announcement:


Instead, this is an examination of the deluxe edition goodies and if they're worth the extra moolah they're asking.

Special editions are the norm now. Every big band or game developer does a more expensive special edition of their big releases to give the hardcore fans a little extra for a bit (or sometimes, a lot) extra cash. It also gives the company another reason to get the consumer to buy a physical copy of a game or cd. Someone buying it will be less likely to pirate it, you see. Even though the special edition has become the norm, hardly anyone has given them a good skeptical overview. Most reviewers just kind of brush them off as simple extras. But if you're contemplating getting that prestige edition of Modern Warfare 2 for $150, you'd kind of like to know if those night vision goggles work properly, right?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Now Loading.......

Having been a huge Tekken fan since the game first appeared in the arcade, it would be reasonable to say that I have been anticipating Tekken 6 since it was first announced forever and a day ago. So when I finally got my hands on it, I can now say Fuck you Namco Bandai. What the hell did you do to my beloved fighting game series?

When I put the game in my PS3 I was greeted with a mandatory system update which thankfully was included on the disk itself. Ok, I'm kind of used to system updates having had my Playstation shortly after launch. Once the game loaded, I was greeted with one of the many "Now Loading" screens that Tekken 6 has to offer. I figured that installing the game (which is optional) would cut down on the amount of loading screens. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Faith/Void (first review)

This one is slightly rushed, as I'm currently juggling between this and a research paper for school. Work with me here, fellas.

The Faith/Void split, released in the early 80's, compiles two DC hardcore bands that have only achieved regional adoration during their short tenure. Yep, this means I'm reviewing two bands. The Faith occupies the lion's share of the disc (tracks 1-12 and 25-31); while Void have 12 short bursts sandwiched in between. I will start with the Faith.

8-bit Metal Monday: Cough! Hack! Wheeze!

Ugh, working a 14-hour shift at a pizza place on Halloween is not good for the body. Then contracting something during the shift just makes it even worse. Blarg. Needless to say, my ability to move is at a big low right now. Oh well, gives me more time to dick around on my 360 and PS3. Maybe I'll get super lucky and the new Slayer will pop up in my mailbox today. Eh whatever, time to get medicated.

Speaking of medication, here's some bleeps and bloops covering Mudvayne's "Dig" from their LD 50 album.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Well..... that was quick.

See that picture full of awesome up there? That's the special edition of God of War III, and it' s humdinger of a set. The case itself is supposed to be a representation of Pandora's box. Damn thing looks so metal that you'll probably need 7 union workers and a forklift just to carry the thing around. Also included is an art book, a movie/documentary on the making of the game, a Dominus skin for Kratos, and a downloadable Challenge Arena that you can mess around with once you beat the game.

However, there's two more digital goodies that bear some extra attention. The first is a best-of compilation of the series's best musical tracks. I generally frown on game soundtracks, as even my huge nerdiness has it's limits. I can let it slide here because GOW has always had great symphonic moments in its music legacy, and having some of it close to me is a-o-k in my book. The second is Sony answering my request for a copy of the new Trivium song that's going on the game, but yet so much more! We're getting a full-out EP metal tribute, courtesy of Roadrunner Records! Along with Trivium, we'll be getting tracks from Opeth, Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, and Taking Dawn! No word yet whether the rest of the bands will be doing original stuff or if it'll just be b-sides, but that's some evil metal thinking on Sony's part. Plus, someone there must of read my previous blog and wanted me to be oh so happy today. Thank you kind sir! You get a sunny sticker!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kratos is gonna get melodic on all y'all asses!

"The band that everyone loves to bash on....  except me", Trivium, announced that they were recording an original tune for God of War III. It's become a pretty well known fact that lead singer Matt Heafy is quite the gamer nerd. He's professed his love of Final Fantasy several times and is not shy about bringing a ton of gaming gear on tour with him. I'll lay good money that Matt squealed like crazy when this opportunity came his way.

The song title is unknown as well as exactly where the song is gonna be placed. During the game? Opening menu? Closing credits (my bet)? No matter how it ends up in the final product, it would be super if it were included as an mp3 download with the not-really-secret super special edition Sony's putting together. Please Sony? We'll be spending $90 or more on the damn thing, so including a free song won't kill ya. I'm sure Roadrunner Records wouldn't mind the publicity.

8-bit Metal Mondays-Bleepality

I was talking to a friend yesterday as she was going through quite the family emergency. She was listening to Slipknot and we shared some pleasant words about Duality, the song that debuted their more arena sound. So, here's to you, babe.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yes Mr. Drake, clowns are scary.

I'd like to preface this review by saying thanks to Riff for inviting me to contribute to this blog. Having been a Playstation 3 apologist pretty much since launch, I'll have to say it's about damn time that there are some top tier exclusives coming out. (Metal Gear 4 notwithstanding) Having played the ever loving hell out of the first Uncharted, I'll have to admit I was a bit skeptical about this title. It took a little bit of convincing from the guys at my local Gamestop to get me to pre-order this title. I had seen a few write ups on line regarding the game and was kind of on the fence as to whether or not I was going to get this game. I want to say thank you to those guys as Uncharted 2 is easily the best single player experience I've had since the all-mighty Bioshock.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I love it when targetted marketing is done RIGHT!!

One of the long term goals of is to host game demo stations at evil metal shows. To me, these things go hand-in-hand with each other. Most of today's metalheads have a 360 sitting around, so why not try to appease their gaming sensibilities with demos in between band sets? Ozzfest did this for a while, hosting Playstation kiosks on festival grounds. One year, they had the E3 demo for God of War 2! Of course, they also had Kingdom Hearts, so it wasn't perfect. Then Ozzfest got cheap, then stopped, and all the gaming goodness went away at metal shows. I had a real inkling to bring that back, that feeling of playing GOW2 before anyone else, all with the pumping sounds of some form of death metal blaring behind me. It's a marvelous dream, one of beauty and magnificence.

Wouldn't you know it? Electronic Arts beat me to the punch.

This past Wednesday night was the Dethklok/Mastodon tour at the Fillmore, and it ruled six ways till Sunday (review forthcoming). While the show itself ruled, there was a bit of gaming glitz thrown over it. Electronic Arts put some serious money forward and placed several demo stations with the 360 version of Brutal Legend!! It's the same demo that's available on the 360 and PS3, so no super exclusives game wise. Swag wise, however, it was bumping. All concert goers scored free game posters and old-school iron on patches!! Bonus points for the pointy tips.


Man, with this and the free Dragon Age prequel browser game (which nets you free in-game items even on the consoles), EA, well..... you're just looking damn sexy! We should go out some time. Some fine wine, maybe some chocolate covered strawberries. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

Ubisoft must of seen the Mario Bros. movie too.

Let's face it: for the most part, movies based off video games really suck. There's only a couple I can stand. Silent Hill was great, but people just keep argueing it down. Then there's Doom, which I enjoy for its sheer crapness.Well Ubisoft doesn't want another Doom on their hands, so when they decided to do a 3-part live action Assasin's Creed mini-movie, they said, "Hollywood? Screw that noise!", and just did it themselves. they enlisted the help of the guys who did all the good bloody stuff in 300, so expect a whole lot of killing. Hopefully, though, a lot less oiled up abs. The story itself revolves around Assassin's Creed 2's Ezio's afther, who was also quite the shiv=sticker himself.

Assasin's Creed 2 drops November 17, with the mini-movies popping up on Youtube before then.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is it possible to get one's "tribal" on?

Soulfly, Prong, Cattle Decapitation, and Mutiny Within @ Harpos, Friday, October 16

Ah, Harpo's. A mecca of Eastern Detroit. A home away from home for any reasonably sized metal band. An absolute shithole. It's the kind of place where crackheads openly smoke their rocks in plain view outside the venue's doors, and no blinks an eye. Probably because they would drop their pipes in the process. Despite what you think of it, Harpo's is one of the places to go to catch most metal bands as they pass through the Motor City, and tonight is quite the jumbled asortment.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NHL 2K10 (Wii): Another Disturbying Review

Background: Being Canadian, it should come as no surprise that I'm nuts about hockey. When it's hockey season, I'm pretty much glued to the ol' futon watching as many games as I can. During the off-season, I try my hardest to surround myself with hockey. I keep track of the draft and trades as well as any other hockey news I can get my hands on. Being an avid video gamer, hockey video games are right up my alley. The only issue is that the only console that I own (at the moment) is the Wii, and so far there haven't been a lot of hockey games for me to choose from. Last years NHL 2K9 fell a little flat, and Wii owners missed out on the Online content that were included with XBox 260 and PS3 versions. Without dwelling too much on the past, lets just say that I was really looking forward to this years release since it was announced that online play would be available to Wii owners. Maybe my expectations were set a little too high...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Would you like some Dyer's Eve to go along with your frogs legs?

Confession time: I'm a Metallica nut. I've got everything they ever released on cd, along with a nice library of bootlegged stuff. I've seen them at every tour stop in Detroit since 1994 (except for that stupid invite-only deal with Garage Inc.), and I'll be spending more of my hard earned dough on the guys in the future.

Which brings us to the picture above. 'Tallica filmed a concert at Paris's Arenes de Nimes for a dvd release. Hey, all well and good with me, especially since it'll have Dyer's Eve live!!! However, there's a small catch: the only way to get a physical copy at a store is if you live in France. Yep, the smelliest nation in the world gets an exclusive and us totally awesome North Americaners are left in the wind, with only the power of the tubes of the internet to procure a copy.

However, if you do want a copy, get ready to pay. A link to the order form can be found at Metallica's website, but take a closer look at those prices. Yep, those are English pounds, not super awesome American dollaroonies. The standard edition translates out to about $25 U.S. (which is about average for concert dvd's these days), while the doesn't-really-look-worth-it deluxe edition will set you back over $90 U.S.!! And that's before taxes and shipping are added on.

Damn it guys, I really do want to support my capitolist tendencies, but you're making it way too hard at the moment. You could make it up to me by doing Binge and Purge 2 here in Detroit. Oh, pwetty pwetty puhweeeeze?

8-bit Metal Mondays: RE! duh de DUH du SPECT!

I like to think that Vinnie Paul was a gamer back in the prime years of Pantera. I could picture him, waging through Contra, Dimebag making bets with everyone around him for whether Vinnie can beat the boss, Rex practicing his golf swings in the background, and Phil...... eh, doing whatever Phil does. Plus, if you squint, old school Vinnie looks like Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. Just saying.

Now hit play and listen to some Walk.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pre-order new Slayer, get wallpaper

Slayer's newest blasphemous effort, World Painted Blood, Won't be out until Novermber 3. However, has got you covered. They have a pre-order deal going right now where they'll throw in a pretty big 24X36 map of the skull map covers that adorn the special edition copies. That's Right! No needing to buy all four covers just to get a bunch of bloody skulls. Then there's the blood-red t-shirt you can slap down for a few bucks more. Just type of thing to show the wifey you support her during that time of the month.

Already got mine in the sack. How about you?

World Magnetic Tour: A Disturbying Concert Review

I just want to start off by saying that Riff has invited me to be a part of his Games Meets Metal blog as his "Canadian Correspondent" of sorts. Lately Winnipeg, MB has been getting a number of amazing metal shows which (for some odd reason) seem to skip over Detroit Rock City. For those who don't know, Winnipeg is known for being the coldest city with a population over 600,000 and stragely enough we're also the Slurpee capital of the world, which is pretty impressive considering winter lasts for about 13 months of the year. So, whenever we get the chance to see a band like Metallica, or even Opeth, we make sure that they're given a warm welcome since it's so effin' cold outside.

Now, I'm sure Metallica has performed in Detroit this past year, but when they ventured North of the border they decided to bring Gojira and Lamb of God along for the ride. Gojira took the stage right at 7:00pm, which is a little unfortunate because that's when the doors opened. 16,000 people slowly made their way into the building and either went straight for the merchandise tables or to the bars setup around the perimeter of the venue. But, for those who did make their way to their seats, they were greeted with Gojira's furious performance. The crowd gave a generous applause after each song but you can tell they were clearly there for Metallica. The show was sold out in 7 minutes and Metallica was the only band on the bill at the time. Gojira left the stage as the newly converted fans looked on while the crew started to set up for Lamb of God.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nerds With Too Much Time On Their Hands Bring The Awesome

What you see there is NOT a photoshop! It's a carved out NES cartridge with a monitor and controls, and it comes with enough memory to store a ton of old school NES, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color ROM's. And the thing works like a charm.

Down side to this wonderful contraption is that the maker exhausted his funds creating the thing, and now has it for sale. So how about you go visit his website and show him some nerdy gamer love?

8-bit Metal Mondays: Giving Satan His Due

Yeesh, even Deicide has it's 8-bit fans hanging around and making bleepy covers of their songs.

Enjoy paying Homage To Satan!

Friday, October 9, 2009

So, you wanna schtoop a band member?

But going to a concert is to much trouble for ya? Don't worry, because Rammstein has your naughty bits in check.

Just an advisor, this is VERY NSFW!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm beginning to really miss Crowbar

Back in 1995, myself and a group of friends went totally gonzo for the first Down record. It was our first intro to the NOLA sound, and we were all over that shit. Especially the booklet for the cd. That thing had trippy pics for every song on the cd. It also had an inlay picture of the band members. Phil Anselmo and Pepper Keenan were easy to spot, but then a question arose. That being, "Who are the dirty hippie and the two fat guys?"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Sillines (And High Cost) Of The PSP Go

Well, the site's only been up for a short bit, but we've already gotten some neat. hits. Sao Paulo, Brazil, for example. (Hi Sepultura!) It's great to see some international metal gamers popping up. Now, where are all you Europeans at? C'mon guys, I love me some Scandinavians. You guys know your metal very very well.

And now, onto business.

Monday, October 5, 2009

8-bit Metal Mondays!!

One of the best ways the intarwebz have united games and metal has been converting metal anthems into bleepy 8-bit Nintendo tunes. Most sound just perfect for a round of Mega Man, or just a cursory listen while wondering how much effort went into making something sound so grand in scope got turned into robo tunes.

Most people have already gotten used to Raining Blood going all bleepy, so how about some Mastodon instead?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Promises of

Consider this list a primer of sorts for what we hope to build with this site. Note these are "promises." Not laws, commandments, decrees, or orders shouted from way up high while wearing a silly outfit. I'm too polite to shout stuff like that.

1. No copying and pasting a gazillion news articles

One of the first bits of advise I got was that if you're gonna start your own blog, then do something more than just repeating the same news bits that tons of other blogs already do. You really want the news? Go to (the mother of all hard rock/heavy metal news sites) and Kotaku (Blabbermouth for games).

2. Honesty with our opinions

Long story short: if there's something we like, we're gonna gush, a lot. If there's something we hate, it's gonna get trashed. Honesty can go a long way, even if it's an unfavorable opinion.

3. Be honest with us

The first amendment goes both ways here. Think we're a bunch of pricks? A group of mama's boys? Think we smell funny? (note: we do, but keep it to yourselves, k? :)) Then by all means, let it fly. There's an email address listed and a comments section, so go nuts. The crazier the better, we could use the comic relief.

See? Simple and direct, the way Satan intended it.

About & Contact Info


Hello and welcome one and all to!! I'm Riff, the webmaster/editor-in-chief/schmuck who ponied up the money for his own web domain. What will follow now and hopefully into the distant future, is the great and wonderful merging of the worlds of heavy metal and video gaming, in glorious blog form. Our capable crew of writers and myself hope to bring our own bit of wit and patented form of not-really-patented form of dropping f-bombs. If we're super duper lucky, you may even enjoy it a bit. If you any questions or concerns, you're more than welcome to slide an email to

Take care,


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