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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm beginning to really miss Crowbar

Back in 1995, myself and a group of friends went totally gonzo for the first Down record. It was our first intro to the NOLA sound, and we were all over that shit. Especially the booklet for the cd. That thing had trippy pics for every song on the cd. It also had an inlay picture of the band members. Phil Anselmo and Pepper Keenan were easy to spot, but then a question arose. That being, "Who are the dirty hippie and the two fat guys?"

The dirty hippie was Jimmy Bowers (who's pretty much been in every single Nola band ever at one point or another) while the two fat guys were Todd Strange and Kirk Windstein, guitarists for the doom metal band Crowbar. Eager to hear more NOLA music, my buddy John ran out and found probably the only copy of the band's Time Heals Nothing available in the metro Detroit area, and we wore that sucker out. We got to see the band themselves live on a supporting stint with Type O Negative, where I got my own copy of THN and a copy of their Live +1 ep (both of which I still own till this day) and I've been picking up every release since then.

While Crowbar is the epitome of NOLA awesomeness for me, they just never had any real luck when it came to touring live. Van breakdown, canceled tours, and even band members being arrested and jailed have hampered their touring commitments so much, that it wasn't until a decade later that I got to witness the heaviness again. Even then, Crowbar had to do a shortened set thanks to some of the earlier local bands messing up their load-ins and load-outs. Thanks, sucky ass local Detroit metal acts. I hope Todd Strange sits on you all and let's loose a world-ending burrito fart upon you all.

Even though they've been relatively inactive with Kirk's commitments to Down and Kingdom of Sorrow (except for the excellent Lifesblood for the Downtrodden), Crowbar is still always a great conversation starter. I got to chit chat with Trevor Strnad for a good ten minutes about our love for the band, and how they aren't bigger than what they are. And that was just because I was wearing my 3XL Heavyweight Support Team shirt! Talks like that make me wish Down would just take a chill for a bit and let Kirk get the boys back together and let them do their doomy thing.

In helping spur some more memories, here are a few vids. The first is Kingdom of Sorrow covering All I Had (I Gave) while at a Detroit stop, which is pretty damn meta. Kind of like whenever Anthrax feels like doing an S.O.D. cover. The second is from their With Full Force dvd. It's a tune off my fave Crowbar cd "Broken Glass" and full force is a damn good example of their sound here. And what the hell? How about some Dreamweaver action too?

P.S. What ever happened to Todd Strange? The band just looks way too thin without him.

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  1. this is SO true. Crowbar is the greatest doom band since Sabbath. Kirk should treat us with a new album.