Games Meet Metal: Kratos is gonna get melodic on all y'all asses!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Kratos is gonna get melodic on all y'all asses!

"The band that everyone loves to bash on....  except me", Trivium, announced that they were recording an original tune for God of War III. It's become a pretty well known fact that lead singer Matt Heafy is quite the gamer nerd. He's professed his love of Final Fantasy several times and is not shy about bringing a ton of gaming gear on tour with him. I'll lay good money that Matt squealed like crazy when this opportunity came his way.

The song title is unknown as well as exactly where the song is gonna be placed. During the game? Opening menu? Closing credits (my bet)? No matter how it ends up in the final product, it would be super if it were included as an mp3 download with the not-really-secret super special edition Sony's putting together. Please Sony? We'll be spending $90 or more on the damn thing, so including a free song won't kill ya. I'm sure Roadrunner Records wouldn't mind the publicity.

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  1. Maybe I'm ignorant, but I don't know what all the hate is geared towards when it comes to Trivium. I dig their music. I don't care about what happens behind the scenes or if they sound similar to other artists, the music sounds good to me and that all that matters.