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Thursday, October 15, 2009

World Magnetic Tour: A Disturbying Concert Review

I just want to start off by saying that Riff has invited me to be a part of his Games Meets Metal blog as his "Canadian Correspondent" of sorts. Lately Winnipeg, MB has been getting a number of amazing metal shows which (for some odd reason) seem to skip over Detroit Rock City. For those who don't know, Winnipeg is known for being the coldest city with a population over 600,000 and stragely enough we're also the Slurpee capital of the world, which is pretty impressive considering winter lasts for about 13 months of the year. So, whenever we get the chance to see a band like Metallica, or even Opeth, we make sure that they're given a warm welcome since it's so effin' cold outside.

Now, I'm sure Metallica has performed in Detroit this past year, but when they ventured North of the border they decided to bring Gojira and Lamb of God along for the ride. Gojira took the stage right at 7:00pm, which is a little unfortunate because that's when the doors opened. 16,000 people slowly made their way into the building and either went straight for the merchandise tables or to the bars setup around the perimeter of the venue. But, for those who did make their way to their seats, they were greeted with Gojira's furious performance. The crowd gave a generous applause after each song but you can tell they were clearly there for Metallica. The show was sold out in 7 minutes and Metallica was the only band on the bill at the time. Gojira left the stage as the newly converted fans looked on while the crew started to set up for Lamb of God.

The Virginian quintet took the stage to "The Passing" and then tore into "In Your Words." The band stalked around the massive center stage and assaulted everyone with they're southern thrash metal. Lamb of God always impresses me when they perform and this was no exception. The band was tight as always and kept their 45 minute setlist rolling like a fined-tuned machine. Songs like "Walk With Me In Hell" and "Laid to Rest" just enhanced the crowd's need for metal and when they departed, the audience was hungry for Metallica.

Let me paint the picture for you: Lights go out. "Ecstacy of Gold" begins to play. Everyone reaches for their lighter and starts cheering. The blackness that was once the MTS Centre now has thousands of tiny orange lights flickering in the distance. Metallica makes their way to the stage and open up with "That Was Just Your Life". Lasers cut through the darkness while a single spotlight lights James. The lightshow had me wondering if Metallica had Pink Floyd's lights on loan at first, but I soon forgot and I was caught up in the agression of Metallica's latest efforts. The setlist was pretty impressive. It had a good mix of classic Metallica accented with double shots of the new stuff. But the highlight for me was their laser-lit performance of "Master of Puppets" immediately followed by "Damage Inc." They finished off the night by turning up the houselights and dropping black, Metallica-labeled beach balls on the crowd and asked for their help in singing "Seek & Destroy."

The pyro throughout the show was impressive and there were eight, enormous coffin-shaped lighting rigs spread across the arena. However, the lack of video screens was a little disturbing to me and the stage itself wasn't as eye-catching as the last few tours. Metallica currently has 19 shows in 15 cities to close out the year. Check out Metallica's tour page for more information on the dates and venues. If your an old-school or a new-school Metallica fan, you should take every chance you get to see them perform because they never disappoint.

I give this concert a solid B.

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  1. Yep, Metallica came through in January with Machine Head and The Sword. But still.... Gojira!