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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Promises of

Consider this list a primer of sorts for what we hope to build with this site. Note these are "promises." Not laws, commandments, decrees, or orders shouted from way up high while wearing a silly outfit. I'm too polite to shout stuff like that.

1. No copying and pasting a gazillion news articles

One of the first bits of advise I got was that if you're gonna start your own blog, then do something more than just repeating the same news bits that tons of other blogs already do. You really want the news? Go to (the mother of all hard rock/heavy metal news sites) and Kotaku (Blabbermouth for games).

2. Honesty with our opinions

Long story short: if there's something we like, we're gonna gush, a lot. If there's something we hate, it's gonna get trashed. Honesty can go a long way, even if it's an unfavorable opinion.

3. Be honest with us

The first amendment goes both ways here. Think we're a bunch of pricks? A group of mama's boys? Think we smell funny? (note: we do, but keep it to yourselves, k? :)) Then by all means, let it fly. There's an email address listed and a comments section, so go nuts. The crazier the better, we could use the comic relief.

See? Simple and direct, the way Satan intended it.


  1. Speaking of your honest opinions, I'm curious why you say only see Godsmack as a lead-in. Also, though it has nothing to do with metal, did you get to see Bad Religion?

  2. Godsmack just stop giving a shit as soon as they get a headlining spot. I saw them once headlining, and it was boring as shit! Barely any movement or effort from the band at all. Hell, why should they care? Everyone there already bought a ticket as it is, so it's just money in the bank to them by that point.

    When they're the lead-in, they fight to be noticed. In turn it makes a better show. Best example was when they opened for Metallica. Best damn show I've ever seen. And this was when Godsmack was touring with their 3rd album, which totally repulsed me, and even THAT crap sounded amazing live!

    No Bad Religion for me. Warped Tour ended up being a huge mess for me and I'd rather not get into it.

  3. I agree about Godsmack. I never really cared much for Godsmack (sure, Whatever, Keep Away and Voodoo were great singles, but nothing AMAZING) until I saw them open for Metallica. They tore thew roof off of the old Arena.
    Then, when I saw them as a headliner, they just played their songs and got the fuck outta there. So long, farewell. Have a nice life.