Games Meet Metal: The Sillines (And High Cost) Of The PSP Go

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Sillines (And High Cost) Of The PSP Go

Well, the site's only been up for a short bit, but we've already gotten some neat. hits. Sao Paulo, Brazil, for example. (Hi Sepultura!) It's great to see some international metal gamers popping up. Now, where are all you Europeans at? C'mon guys, I love me some Scandinavians. You guys know your metal very very well.

And now, onto business.

The PSP Go was just released here in the states, and quite honestly, I couldn't give a shit. It's just another re-release of the same hardware with a few tack-ons and oh yeah, all the games for the system are downloadable now, so no needing that pesky disk drive. And to top it all off, the damn screen is smaller than in previous incarnations. Note to big game companies: your hardware shouldn't be regressing. It also shouldn't cost $250.00. Of course, Nintendo gave us the Wii, which is just the Gamecube re-released in a semen white case, so what do I know?

The real kick in the nuts for me was the pricing for PSP Mini's. These are little bite-size games that are planned to take a cut out of the Iphone's moneybags. One of the inclusions in the Min's store was Tetris. Nothing special about it, just plain Tetris. No online features, no super duper graphics, no leading Eath to world peace. Just basic old Tetris.

And how much will Tetris cost you? A very not bland $10. For more perspective, it costs half that for the same game on the Iphone.

Wait, what?

So, an old system is redesigned, hiked up in price, got rid of the disk drive so people have to buy more expensive downloads than used games, AND TETRIS COST $10?!?! I bought my PSP (1000 model) for $50 from a guy at work, and I'm totally fine with that. It does what I need it to do (except give my hoo-hoo a rub down every now and then) and at a fraction of a cost.

Sorry Sony, you can keep the system and your expensive Mini's. I'll stick with my cheapo disks and playing Tetris for free on my laptop.

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