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Friday, October 30, 2009

Well..... that was quick.

See that picture full of awesome up there? That's the special edition of God of War III, and it' s humdinger of a set. The case itself is supposed to be a representation of Pandora's box. Damn thing looks so metal that you'll probably need 7 union workers and a forklift just to carry the thing around. Also included is an art book, a movie/documentary on the making of the game, a Dominus skin for Kratos, and a downloadable Challenge Arena that you can mess around with once you beat the game.

However, there's two more digital goodies that bear some extra attention. The first is a best-of compilation of the series's best musical tracks. I generally frown on game soundtracks, as even my huge nerdiness has it's limits. I can let it slide here because GOW has always had great symphonic moments in its music legacy, and having some of it close to me is a-o-k in my book. The second is Sony answering my request for a copy of the new Trivium song that's going on the game, but yet so much more! We're getting a full-out EP metal tribute, courtesy of Roadrunner Records! Along with Trivium, we'll be getting tracks from Opeth, Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, and Taking Dawn! No word yet whether the rest of the bands will be doing original stuff or if it'll just be b-sides, but that's some evil metal thinking on Sony's part. Plus, someone there must of read my previous blog and wanted me to be oh so happy today. Thank you kind sir! You get a sunny sticker!

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