Games Meet Metal: Would you like some Dyer's Eve to go along with your frogs legs?

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Would you like some Dyer's Eve to go along with your frogs legs?

Confession time: I'm a Metallica nut. I've got everything they ever released on cd, along with a nice library of bootlegged stuff. I've seen them at every tour stop in Detroit since 1994 (except for that stupid invite-only deal with Garage Inc.), and I'll be spending more of my hard earned dough on the guys in the future.

Which brings us to the picture above. 'Tallica filmed a concert at Paris's Arenes de Nimes for a dvd release. Hey, all well and good with me, especially since it'll have Dyer's Eve live!!! However, there's a small catch: the only way to get a physical copy at a store is if you live in France. Yep, the smelliest nation in the world gets an exclusive and us totally awesome North Americaners are left in the wind, with only the power of the tubes of the internet to procure a copy.

However, if you do want a copy, get ready to pay. A link to the order form can be found at Metallica's website, but take a closer look at those prices. Yep, those are English pounds, not super awesome American dollaroonies. The standard edition translates out to about $25 U.S. (which is about average for concert dvd's these days), while the doesn't-really-look-worth-it deluxe edition will set you back over $90 U.S.!! And that's before taxes and shipping are added on.

Damn it guys, I really do want to support my capitolist tendencies, but you're making it way too hard at the moment. You could make it up to me by doing Binge and Purge 2 here in Detroit. Oh, pwetty pwetty puhweeeeze?

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  1. The last time the 'tallica rolled through Winnipeg they closed the show with Dyer's Eve.

    It was amazing.