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Monday, November 23, 2009

I know it's late, but cut a brother some slack.. by Amebix720

I've been a busy boy as of late working on stuff for school. It just so happened that Modern Warfare 2 dropped during a week where I also had a 17 page essay due for one of my classes. Guess which one took up more of my free time? If you said Modern Warfare 2, you would be correct! If you tell my teacher, I'll kill you.

Modern Warfare 2 has been out for almost two weeks now, and having finished the campaign mode, I must say it is the best that the series has to offer. I just liked the fact that your character was fighting on American soil. It had this creepy 24 feel to it, without the Fox News undertones. You start off by playing a private in the U.S. Army who, due to his talents in the field, is able to join up with the C.I.A. and infiltrate this Russian ultra nationalist's camp. Well, you've all seen or played the airport level by now (unless you chose to skip it) and you know where it goes from there.

The game play is the same that you've been dealing with since Call of Duty 2 and little has changed in terms of mechanics. There is a nice little option that allows you to tap the L1/Left shoulder while targeting an enemy and after you kill said enemy tap the corresponding button again and it moves your reticle to your next enemy. As long as they are in close proximity. It does make running and gunning a little easier. Especially if you're playing the harder difficulties.
The main draw in MW2 is the weapon selection. There are simply a shit ton of them to choose from. My personal favorite is the sniper rifle/heartbeat sensor combo. Think of the heart beat sensor as the "radar" they used in Aliens and you'll get the idea.

Spec ops is the new "Nazi Zombies" and doesn't disappoint. Some of the challenges are really freaking hard and require the help of a friend to get through them. I will say I didn't enjoy this as much as the Nazi Zombie mode, but let's hope Treyarch will fill out that need when the next iteration launches sometime next year. BTW this is purely speculation on my part and is not to be taken as an exclusive story.

The multiplayer is just as fun as its ever been and that's where you'll find the majority of what the game has to offer. The sheer amount of weapons, modes, and maps will keep people satisfied until the inevitable map packs release sooner than later.

All in all I'd give MW2 a 9 out of 10. Why not a 10 you ask? Well the campaign is just too short. (I'm a sucker for single player games) and there were some "interesting" choices as far as the mechanics are concerned. The jumping over walls and partitions is something that thoroughly needs to be reworked. The new "blood on the screen" when your character gets injured looks like you are taking loads to the face from Strawberry Shortcake's male counterpart. It just doesn't look right.

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