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Monday, December 7, 2009

8-bit Metal Mondays: A Special Message To Machine Head

Oh, Machine Head. How awesome your last cd was. The Blackening is, appropriately enough, your version of Metallica's black album. It brought you accolades, sales, respects from the metal world that will last until the end days, and several tours with 'Tallica themselves. It is, in several words, your finest hour.

I was thrashing out to The Blackening today, once again in total bliss. Then a funny feeling hit me. That feeling of, "Damn, this has been out for a bit." A quick look at the release date proves my theory. March of 2007? Jeezy creezy, that's coming close to three years!

Now guys, I love ya and everything you've done. (We'll just pretend that whole rap era never existed.) The Blackening was super tits. But now it's time to stop all the touring, head back into the studio, and lay down the riffage. You don't need to top your last effort, just give us something good, something heavy. Something that'll let you do your own headlining tour in Detroit! (hint, hint)

Until then, we can only imagine what could be. And listen to bleepy versions of songs off The Blackening. Here's Aesthetics of Hate.

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