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Thursday, December 17, 2009

And now, a moment to gloat.

This past October, I attended the Dethklok/Mastodon show, and it was glorious. Mastodon performed Crack The Skye in it's entirety, and Dethklok did what they did best: sang songs about coffee, mermaid murder, and wanting to keep all their money. Openers High On Fire and Converge were no slage either. It's just a criminal shame that the crowd just didn't get what Converge is all about. God damn hoity toity Detroiters.

i wanted to write a review of the show, but something was missing. A picture. A capture of an event that ruled six ways to Sunday. While it's too damn late to write the review, I have finally received the photo and I must share it with the world (aka all six of you). Be warned though, this is the type of thing to send you into fits of jealousy and possibly want me dead.

The mystery revealed after the jump.

My lazy-eye, Slayer jersey wearing self on the right, the awesome semi-baldness of Metalocalypse creator Brendan Smalls on the left. Dude's standing a bit away to give room for his massive balls.

Brendan's a pretty swell guy. I got to chat with him for a minute about the sound of the show and the fact that I'm named Nathan (just like the lead character! DURR!). He signed my tour poster, as did also evil awesome drummer Gene Hoglan.

It was a night of awesome. A night to remember. A night to go forth.... GO FORTH AND DIE!!!

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  1. I'm surprised that you weren't eaten by Gene Hoglan. Dude must have gotten his fill before he met you.

    Consider yourself lucky!