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Friday, December 18, 2009

Fear Factory: Perfecting the art of reuniting with a whole new line-up

Fear Factory is one of those bands that I feel gets shit on too much. Demanufacture and Obsolete ar eboth metal classics that get continuously overlooked because they've aquied the nu-metal tag in recent years. Okay, so maybe guitarist Dino Cazares eats babies and souls for breakfast, but picking on him is just masking some really great music. Well, talking about all their drama does a good job of that too.

A few years back, Dino was kicked out of the band, presumably for being a gigantic asshole. I like to think he just mistakenly ate someone's spleen. (Ah fuck, now I'm doing it too.) So they moved bassist Christian Olde-Wolbers to guitar, hired Byron Stroud of Strapping Young Lad fame to handle the bass, and off they went again to record a couple more cd's. One was good (Archetype), and the other was the opposite of good (Transgression).

Then the drama kicks into high gear, as a very public split occurs. Lead singer Burton C. Bell and Byron balked at a business proposal from Christian and drummer Raymond Herrera, and after some legal maneuvering, ended up with the copyright for the band's name, logo, and everything else. Apparently, the deal included Dino, as he and Burton patched up the hate between them and decided to do the band again. Byron popped in too, and they hired "The Only Man In Metal Bigger Than Dino" Gene Hoglan to take over the skins.

Looks like they've been hard at work too. The new-and-old line-up have recorded a new album called Mechanize and are filming a video in L.A. for the track Fear Campaign. The gang have already toured South America and Europe, and should be doing the same in the U.S. some time next year. I wouldn't mind checking the boys out myself, since the last time I saw them was on the first Gigantour when they toured for Transgression. Ugh, not good.

You know what is good? Powershifter, from their nw album. Kind of makes me think of the Demanufacture days, which is a good thing. Judge for yourself here. If it meets your fancy, then you can get it once Mechanize drops in stores on February 9.

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