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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sturby's Holiday Gift Guide for Metal Heads

December hit yesterday and Black Friday was last week for my neighbours to the south, so chances are you've already started getting gifts for the holidays. Amongst all the toys and clothes and trinkets for your friends and family, you may be stuck wondering what to get for the person who loves metal. Hopefully this guide will give you ideas to impress that metal head in your life with things that they may not be expecting. I'm not going to promote specific items to get, these are just starting points to set you on the right path to find the perfect gift.

Metal has a lot of different items that will fit nicely into any one's collection. Cigarette lighters, shot glasses, action figures, flags, clothing, electronics, pens, surfboards, furniture, well..... you get the picture. Hell, Gene Simmons has slapped his face on just about everything and you'd be surprised at the amount of other artists who have followed suit. There are tons of retailers that are dedicated to offering music memorabilia so you should be able to find something close to home. But, some of these items can be harder to come by and can be a little pricey, but what die-hard Metallica fan would turn down the idea of having Metallica labeled beer steins?

You know that Slayer/Megadeth/Testament tour that Riff mentioned a while back? Well, it's called American Carnage (write that down) and it starts in January. They're hitting a number of cities across the US in January and then making the trek through Canada in February. Or, take a look at other concerts that are making a stop in your neck-of-the-woods and get tickets for that. Try to stick to concerts that are closer to this time of year, rather than stuff further away. Also, a great way to present the tickets is to get a CD for one of the bands and slip the tickets in the case. And if you want to go the extra mile, look into getting a limo rental to escort the fan to and from the concert.......... Man, that's such a great idea I might have to do that one for myself!

Hmm, what else could you do? Hey, why not get them music? That makes sense doesn't it? But a simple CD won't do the trick so you need to think outside the box. Well, inside the box. Box Sets are amazing gifts for that knuckle dragger that loves to collect music. There are tons of them out there which can cover anything from a single artist to the entire history of metal. Some of these "Box Sets" are just a collection of a couple albums, so beware of what you are buying. Try to look for the sets with custom packaging as they are usually the ones with the best content. They are available almost everywhere, so it's not hard to find them at decent prices.

So I hope that gets you started on your shopping adventures. I know I have missed a lot of things and I can admit that a lot of my suggestions are things that I would want and what has been on my mind since I've handing out my gift list to people. But, most metal fans are pretty easy to please but if you do something memorable, they'll love, erm..... high-five you forever.

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