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Monday, January 4, 2010

8-bit Metal Mondays: Saying Goodbye To The Rev

Avenged Sevenfold is one of the few bands that I got to see befoe they blew up into arena acts. Lamb of God, Godsmack, and System of a Down also fit into the niche (admittedly, I try not to reference that Godsmack one too much). To show you how far down A7X was on the bill, they were third fiddle to headliners Mushroomhead. Yeah, the Slipknot ripoffs. For even greater reference, All That Remains played under them, and Shadows Fall played after. Nowadays, Mushroomhead probably wouldn't even be able to say hi to any of these guys without getting puzzled stares from everyone else as they think,"Who the fuck are these guys?"

Back to the point, I became a fan of A7X that night. Their catchy melodies resonated with me big time, and as young as they were then, they knew how to put on a live set. Then they released City of Evil, and I was hooked even more. Yeah yeah, say what you will (and you will), but City of Evil is a great arena rock album. Beast and the Harlot and Bat Country are great live songs and the album as a whole is well deserving of legendary status.

So it's old news now that A7X's drummer, James Owen “The Rev” Sullivan, was found dead last week in his home. I wasn't too hip to his skills on Waking The Fallen, but he really came out of his shell on City of Evil. Then on their self-titled release, he showed he even had some pretty damn good vocal abilities. It's a shame to see a guy with so much musical talent gone at such a young age. In honor of The Rev, here's a bleepy version of Beast and the Harlot followed by the video for Bat Country. RIP, Mr. Sullivan.

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  1. Man, I didn't hear about Rev's passing. That sucks. He did a bunch of vocals on their last album and I really liked that added element. He will be sorely missed.