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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And Speaking of Metal Festivals....

I present to you, the Scion Rock Fest, happening in the boonies of Columbus, Ohio on March 13. And oh baby, is it loaded! Cannibal Corpse, Voivod, Brutal Truth, and even Acrassaicauda are making an appearance! The best bit? It's for free! Of course, getting to Ohio is on your tab, but if you're there already, then you have no reason to miss this show. You can grab some free tix at the fest's web site, but only until this Friday.

In other good news, Ozzy himself has confirmed that Ozzfest will happen this year. It does make you wonder who they could get. Mayhem Fest has a good amount of the Ozzfest Alum, and the possible Big 4 tour will eat up more potential touring mates. About the only band I can think of that could pop in under Ozzy and doesn't have any in-stone touring plans is Alice In Chains. Anyone out there have any good Ozzfest possibilities?

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  1. Other acts for Ozzfest? How about the newly reunited Soundgarden?