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Monday, January 4, 2010

The Black Dahlia Murder must know when my birthday is.... kinda

First off, I hope everyone had a great couple weeks for the holidays. With luck you got everything you wanted and were able to tolerate all the in-laws without busting out the Shotgun of Damnation during Christmas. Also, if your luck kept up, you didn't crash into anything or are soon to be the parent to a bouncy baby with a woman you don't know after as night of binge drinking on New Years. Now that we have the well wishes out of the way, onto those fine lads up there in the snazzy bowling shirts.

  I've always had a kinship with Black Dahlia Murder, more so than just the guys being local Detroit boys. I think it stems from a 10-minute conversation I had with lead singer Trevor Strnad about the awesomeness of Crowbar. Or maybe it's the fact that just about any time a big band comes through, TBDM is ALWAYS on the bill! Carcass, Throwdown, Mayhemfest, King Diamond, and maybe even Dolly Parton. If they have a plave to play, Dahlia wants on the bill.

Now, in a rare bit of business, Dahlia's going on it's own headlining tour! To help bring the awesome, they'll be bringing along Hatesphere, Obscura, and Augury with them. The best part? The last date of the tour is almost on my b-day! Well, six days shy, but since it doesn't look like I'll be getting an on-time b-day show this year, I'll take what I can get. And this is a pretty big "get."

Dates as follows:

February 24 Atlanta, GA                   Masquerade
February 25 St. Petersburg, FL         State Theatre
February 26 Ft. Lauderdale, FL         The Culture Room
February 27 Orlando, FL                   The Social
March 1      Houston, TX                   Meridian
March 2      Dallas, TX                      Granada Theatre
March 3      San Antonio, TX            White Rabbit
March 5      Tucson, AZ                    The Rock
March 6      Los Angeles, CA            Ultra Violet
March 7      San Francisco, CA         Slims
March 8      Portland, OR                 Hawthorne Theatre
March 9      Seattle, WA                  El Corazon
March 10    Boise, ID                       The Venue
March 12    Denver, CO                    Marquis Theatre
March 13    Lawrence, KS                The Bottleneck
March 14    Des Moines, IA              People’s Court
March 15    St. Paul, MN                 Station 4
March 16    Chicago, IL                    Metro
March 18    Washington, DC            Rock N Roll Hotel
March 19    Philadelphia, PA            First Unitarian Church
March 20    New York, NY                Santo’s Party House
March 21    Cambridge, MA              Middle East
March 22    Allentown, PA                Crocodile Rock
March 23    Pittsburgh, PA               Mr. Smalls
March 24    Detroit, MI                     Magic Stick

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