Games Meet Metal: How To Quit Your Job: Video Game Style

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How To Quit Your Job: Video Game Style

So, today I did my daily routine of checking for my daily dose of wit/sarcasm/well-placed cleavage, when a bit of awesomeness slapped in the face harder than a pimp's hand. Cracked did  a top 7 list of "Ballsiest Ways To Quit Your Job", and the first one off the list is absolutely geek-tastic. Looks like some schmuck at 2K Australia (they were half way responsible for Bioshock being in existence, so good on them) decided to seek greener pastures, and have his goodbyes in video game form.

The game itself is just a Mario parody, but the sheer slickness of it should be respected and periodically bowed to, over and over again. Do yourself a favor and check it out here. Remember, space bar to jump, kiddies.

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