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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Another Disturbying Review

Background: Do I really need to go into this? It's Mario, so what can you expect? Mushrooms, Pipes, Goombas, Koopas, Stars, Penguin Suits, Co-Operative Gameplay, Stars, Bows- wait. Penguin Suits!?! Co-Operative Gameplay!?! That's right folks, the classic 2D Mario game is back only this time you get to play it with 3 of your friends..... at the same time! With new levels to explore and new powerups to obtain, Nintendo puts a fresh spin on the game that made them a household name.

Pros and Cons: Now, New Super Mario Bros. isn't as new as the title would like you to think. The series was first introduced on the DS and its Wii counterpart picks up where that game left off, only this time around you get to play it with some friends. NSMBW is a fun and challenging game to play. The level designs offer some familiarity to the classic games, but each level is newly created with this game in mind. Some of the secrets are tricky to obtain, but if you use a little patience the game is pretty easy to get through. The gameplay is simple and the Wii motions are not overdone. You hold the Wiimote sideways (like you would to play the NES games you downloaded) and you shake your controller to pick up items, or activate the Propeller Suit.
The multiplayer is the main focus this time around and the game actually becomes harder to play when you introduce a 3rd or 4th player. Usually each player is on the same wave length so when you have 3 or 4 people trying to make the same jump over a flying Koopa, one of them usually ends up dying. Also, the game tries to keep each player together as best as it can, but it is easy to be separated which leads to a lot of off-screen deaths. On levels that require the players to be quick, things get really chaotic and it is hard to keep track of what's happening. And really, that is my only complaint with the game.

What Makes It Metal: Again, this game is seriously lacking in the metal department. Aside from the Koopa Kids (who look like they run the Mushroomland Biker Gang) this game is all sunshine and lollipops.

Final Verdict: I really enjoyed this game and I look forward to playing it through again and again when I have company over. The multiplayer is a lot of fun and my friends and I spend a good chunk of time trying to sabotage the others by throwing them into pits or chucking koopa shells at them. Then, when we're running out of time we make a made dash to the finish line. Sure, it's counter productive but it's fun as hell! I highly recommend this title to any Wii owner out there.

I give it a Slaytanic!

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