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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yes! New Kingdom Of Sorrow Coming!

What? Never heard of Kingdom Of Sorrow or listened to their self titled release? Been doing to much heroin or something, you shmuck? The Jamey Jasta/Kirk Windstein superband was a sweet  slice of sludgy metal that bent your mom over backwards and gave her sweet dreams for months. Now she'll be asking for seconds, as a just-received press release has announced that the twosome have finished recording their second record, are about to start mixing, and have resigned to Relapse. A direct quote from the press realase:

Windstein commented on the resigning and new album: "Jamey and I are really excited to be working with Relapse on another Kingdom Of Sorrow album. They were a big part of the success of our first album and have been a great company to work with. Our new material kicks ass, we can't wait to unleash it! It's a real beast!"

Jasta continues; "It was a no brainer to re-sign with Relapse for another Kingdom Of Sorrow album. They are a great company who really gets it and we're extremely excited to have them 110% behind us."

Hey, it's good to see these guys in good spirits. Kirk had some issues this past year, and Hatebreed's new album hasn't set the world on fire in sales.  But if a little NOLA love is enough to put smiles on their faces and music on our ears, then so be it.So, while you wait for Sorrow's new diddys to pop up, how about some visual entertainment to pass the time? Here's Crow/Breed's Lead Into Demise.

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