Games Meet Metal: Dante this, Inferno that. Will you all just stop it??!!??

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dante this, Inferno that. Will you all just stop it??!!??

I finally got my first taste of Dante's Inferno proper yesterday, and it's as hellish as I imagined. Inverted crosses, demons aplenty, boobies (albeit very veiny ones) and Lucifer being a royal ass. Then a thought occurred to me: how many times has The Divine Comedy or Dante himself been popping up recently in gaming?

Inferno is the easy first choice, but there's two other games where the references make an appearance. Bayonetta keeps referring to the dimensions of Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso, which Dante named the chapters in his Comedy  Then there's Assassin's Creed II, which takes the association a step further. If you're able to access the Auditore family tomb, you'll be treated to a little story about how the Assassin Codex wound up in Italy, and that Dante himself is an assassin. Kind of makes you wonder how he was able to write the Comedy in between all that throat slitting. Let's not forget that Devil May Cry's lead character is also named Dante, and that game's lead director went on to make Bayonetta, and thus we now know where he co-op's all his plot ideas from.

Look game script writers, I know The Divine Comedy is a great place to get inspiration from. Poets, authors, musicians, painters, and sculptors have been doing for centuries, so why not you programmer guys? I just have this very big fear that if Dante's Inferno becomes this mega-huge hit, then every single game coming out s gonna have some bit to do with The Divine Comedy. Pokemon spawned from the Phlegma? Beatrice showing her privates to Roman from GTA? Dante using Death's Scythe to trim yards in Animal Crossing?

Please guys, please don't do it. The heavy metal bands of the world need the Comedy to write 95% of their lyrics, and they're gonna run out of ideas if you keep hogging it all, sales figures be DAMNED!!! Fuck, got me doing it too.

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