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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Games Meet Metal is hiring!

Since starting in October of 2009, the site has grown very quickly, and we are now in need of a larger writing staff. If you have an interest in covering metal shows and cd's, or reviewing the latest games, then please read on!

What you'll be doing:
-review the latest cd's from some of the biggest metal labels like Roadrunner, Relapse, and Nuclear Blast
-blog about the latest game releases, before they hit store shelves
-attend and review metal concerts that roll through your area.
-interview members of bands
-blog about your own opinions in the gaming and metal industry, whether your opinion is positive or negative
-participate in our soon-to-be podcast

-18 years old or older
-general knowledge of the metal and gaming worlds
-access to internet
-a basic understanding of HTML code (text, posting pictures, ect.)
-your own transportation
-previous writing for websites or magazines not a requirement, but a definite plus
-a sense of humor and a cheerful disposition
-While this last bit may seem a little snobbish, it must be said: NO MUSIC ELITISTS OR GAMING FANBOYS! Nothing kills a site more than a bunch of people screaming (generic gaming system) IS BETTER THAN (other generic gaming system) FOREVER! Or (generic underground tech-death metal band) IS THE BROOTALIST PERIOD!

The one thing I must stress overall is that this is a non-paying position. In other words, an internship. But what you'll gain in expeience will pay off big time if the music or gaming journalistic industry becomes your career.

Interested? Then here's what you need to do. Ready an email with a little about yourself and a writing sample. Cd or game review or an opinionated article on either one of the industries is fine, as long as it is 4-6 paragraphs, properly formatted, and spell checked. Then send it to

Thank you and good luck,


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