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Friday, February 5, 2010

Mutiny Within: Another Disturbying Review

Maybe it's just me, but I have a hard time summing up new metal acts these days. I'm going to be honest and say that it took me forever to come up with a way to describe these guys in a single sentence and here's what I've got:
"Mutiny Within is one of Road Runner's newest bands that are aspiring to take over the metal world with their blend of easily accessible progressive-death metal and technical insanity."
It seems like everyone is trying to include as many sub-genres into their sound to appeal to as many metal heads as possible. Usually this makes for a complete and utter failure, but in the case of Mutiny Within I say they've got it all figured out and have put together a solid album that has something for everyone.

Since these guys are making their debut, I feel it is necessary to give a brief history of the band. This six piece former Children of Bodom cover band was formed in New Jersey by bassist Andrew "AJ" Jacobs back in 2002. Since the band's early days he's had a difficult time keeping a consistent lineup. But, the group he has now seem to have a chemistry that would be terrible to break up. Since joining with vocalist Chris Clancy, they have written over 50 songs and something tells me they haven't even scratched the surface.

I know that Riff wasn't all that impressed when he first saw these guys play with Soulfy a few months back, and my only reasoning is that he must have been in a terrible mood. These guys are incredible. The musicians are all very talented and their song writing is very good. They keep their songs short to appeal to the masses but that doesn't mean they are lacking. Bill Fore's is thunderous force on the drums and each song is a clinic of agility and precision regardless of the tempo. Guitarists Brandon (AJ's brother) and Dan aren't slouches either, these guys can shred with best of them but they can also play some soft acoustic passages to give their slower songs some real emotion. And Andrew Stavola's keys tie everything together and give them band a forceful wall of sound that can be both soothing and powerful.

However, I found that Chris Clancy was demonstrating his full vocal range without really thinking about how it effects the music. And yea, his range is really impressive but just cause you can hit a high note doesn't mean you should do it. It only happens a handful of times, but it was really noticeable and seems to bring unintentional humour to an otherwise amazing song. Also, with 11 tracks, the album clocks in at just over 40 minutes. For a band that has 50 completed songs in their library I'm sure they could have given us a few more to enjoy.

Being a huge progressive metal/rock fan, these guys really appeal to me. I'm sure Riff knew this all along which is why he chose me to review this album. Stand out songs for me are Year of Affliction, Reflections, Oblivion and Suffocate. The blend of each music style seems natural to this group which should make any metal fan happy. I think bands like this are the future of metal and will help introduce metal fans to music they would never have considered in the past. With Mutiny Within you've got ridiculous shredding, excellent drumming, intense death growls, and epic keyboards all wrapped into one.

I'm giving Mutiny Within a Slaytanic!

Make sure to check out Mutiny Within's tour dates on their Road Runner profile page and enjoy their debut video for Awake.

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  1. It's refreshing to see a band in the, lets call it, modern metal genre, have more powermetal style influences instead of just metalcore with some extra melodic flavours to it.

    Together with excellent musicianship it makes Mutiny Within a band on their own in my opinion. Excellent debut album. A fat 9/10 from me :)