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Monday, March 15, 2010

8-bit Metal Monday: Shit That Doesn't Go Together

You know what doesn't go together? Me and a manual transmission. Push, the clutch, ease off and apply gas, BUT NOT TOO MUCH! Aw, fuck, too much gas, and you stalled it out, ya dumbass. That's pretty much been the past couple of days for me. 18 years of driving with automatics, and now I have to get adjusted to a third pedal. Well, at least I'm getting better by the day. The fear of grinding out the clutch has gone bye-bye. Now, I just have to master hills.

Now I'm stating to wonder if I should of got full insurance coverage.

You what else doesn't go together? Final Fantasy and black metal. Since I'm tying to plow through FF XIII right now and have it on the mind, I'd like to show you the final battle form part 10, er, X. Fast forward to about the 45-second part to get to the good stuff.

Just listen to those soulful melodies.

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