Games Meet Metal: 8-bit Metal Mondays: Health Care Reform Edition

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Monday, March 22, 2010

8-bit Metal Mondays: Health Care Reform Edition

So, Congress just voted in favor of sweeping health care. Sweeping, as in, "let's sweep all these people's loose moolah in by forcing them to get useless insurance!" I, being a staunt Libertarian and grumpy capitolist, isn't too fly on the idea of the government holding a proverbial gun to my head and forcing me to plunk my money down on crap I don't want. Kind of like car insurance. Or social security. Or traffic tickets. Eh, whatever, political rant over.

So, how about a metal song about the human body, since it's about health and all? Cannibal Corpse can do that just fine. Here's a surgical ditty in bleepy, Fucked With A Knife.

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