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Monday, March 8, 2010

8-bit Metal Mondays: Smell that fresh used car scent!

So, after a 9-month drought, I am finally a car owner once again. Suzuki Esteem 4-cylinder, if you're curious. Gas friendly and a Japanese car not made by Toyota, so it's a win, right? Well, close. I got the wheels for dirt cheap, but "cheap" in the car world means "crippling repairs you must fix yourself." In this case, it's the engine crossmember which holds the engine up. If it cracks, then you're powering the car Fred Flinstone style.

Well, lucky me as I have family that aces in car repair. Good thing too, as a shop would charge me $1400 total. Um, no, you fucking charlatans! So, I ordered the parts, and in another day or so, the roads will be open to me yet again.

In celebration, I wanted something bleepy that wasn't titled "Metallica's Fuel", and Fear Factory's cover of 80's hit, Gary Neuman's "Cars", fits the bill. Even better, it has enough bleeps and bloops in the original to not have to warrant a search for an 8-bit cover. So enjoy!

P.S. I'll also have to learn how to drive stick. Pray for me.

Fear Factory - Cars - Fabrique
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