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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Allow myself to introduce...myself

What's up metalheaded gamers? Evan Sammons here. Since I'll soon be sharing my views on all things metal and gaming I thought an introduction would be in order. I've been drumming in metal bands for about 10 years now, the past 5 or so have been in the progressive metal group Last Chance to Reason. Videogames have been a part of my life for even longer, but it was only in recent years that they became something I would consider a passion. As my love for videogames has grown my band's direction has felt the influence...
Our first full-length "Lvl. 1" was an attempt to bring the ambiance and alien-qualities of Metroid to extreme tech-metal. It came out on Tribunal records in 07'. Unlike other "videogame metal" bands we never sought to cover the classic tunes of NES titles. Instead, we wrote original music inspired by the sounds and moods of videogames.

Our newest effort "Level 2" takes this idea and runs with it. Together with indie developer Tom Vine, we've created a concept album- videogame hybrid. Our goal is to create a new kind of album experience where the listener is at battle with our music in a fully interactive fashion. The music sets the mood and determines the action while the lyrics tell the story of the protagonist.

In addition to sharing views on the current state of metal and gaming, I will be posting updates on stuff going on with the band as well. Should be metal.

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