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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bison B.C.'s Dark Ages: The Riff Review

Fun fact: the more I listen to Bison B.C., the more marijuana smoke seems to keep creeping my way. And I'm not even into the sticky icky!

Bison B.C. are a full-on stoner band from the harsh, demon plagued lands of British Columbia, Canada. Slaying all those vile creatures, avoiding the mounties, and puffing on that northern ganj must have invigorated these Canucks, as this is one of the best slabs of metal I've heard all year. Yep, they're going right along with Hypno5e and Fallen Martyr as "bands I weally weally wuv.

Bison B.C. show their influences all through Dark Ages: classic rock, punk, thrash, hardcore, and even a hint of doom here and there. Lead singer/guitarist James Farwell is one hell of a capable vocalist, as he's just belting out the screams to and thro on the whole cd. Plus, the band itself are snappy songwriters. The opening track, Stressed Elephant, tricks you into thinking you're gonna be listening to some moody dark hard rock, as it combines somber guitar effects with a brass horns back-up that sounds like a death march. That march turns militant about 90 seconds in and doesn't let up.

The main downside is that Bison B.C. echo a lot of the cliches from a more established band, High On Fire. I was able to pick out quite a few chord progressions and effects that had me do a double-take. While both are great bands on their own, with High on Fire being the more familiar of the two, Bison B.C. may want to think about spreading their wings for their next release. Maybe help separate them from the pack a little, ya know?

Similarities aside, Dark Ages is still one of the best cd's to come out this year so far. There's no U.S. tour dates planned yet for these guys, but I'll be the first to plop on in. You know, that High On Fore band just released a cd too. Maybe a smart tour promoter will put them together for a quick romp, yes?

Final score-Slaytanic!

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  1. we're touring with High on Fire, Priestess and Black Cobra starting tomorrow in Minnieapolis. Check our for tour dates.