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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Harses! Harses! Harses!

Every now and then, Twitter can have an actual use. Today, it's use was a new follower called gfwatchingmetal. Normally, a name like this would scream "sex site bot." In reality, it's a very simple premise: a metal guy shows some heavy-as-hell videos to his non-metal girlie friend, and she jots down her initial thoughts. Let me just say this woman has comic potential. case in point, her thoughts on Iron Maiden's The Trooper:

- harses harses harses - this is a horse song?
- am i to understand that this is a horse song?
- i like his pantalones
- does this song have a chorus or NOT

Okay, so her spelling needs a tune-up, but the humor is there. The website, My Girlfriend Watching Metal Videos, and their twitter, @gfwatchingmetal, don't have too many entries up yet, but this is about potential.

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