Games Meet Metal: Korn sign to Roadrunner, absolutely no-one surprised.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Korn sign to Roadrunner, absolutely no-one surprised.

In one of the least surprising statements since Ricky Martin came out of the closet (sorry, heart broken ladies of the world, but all your boyfriends called that one YEARS ago!), Roadrunner has announced the signing of the kings of nu-metal, Korn. Of course, this has been old news for over a week, since guitarist Munky let it slip in a fan chat, then vocalist Johnathan Davis re-confirming it on a radio interview. It's just nice to see the label finally remembering and sending out press releases, just in time to surprise no-one.

In a strange power twist, this does put Roadrunner in charge of the two biggest acts on Mayhemfest, with Rob Zombie under their wing as well. You can even stretch it further with Lamb of God, who are signed to Roadrunner overseas. In other words, someone's got some big brass balls, and they're swinging them pretty wide right now.

Korn's new cd, Korn III-Remember Who You Are, comes out this summer. It's your choice whether to decide if you care or not.

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