Games Meet Metal: Mega Man 10: Another Disturbying Review

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mega Man 10: Another Disturbying Review

The Blue Bomber returns for another 8-bit adventure after the over-whelming success of Mega Man 9. In this installment, Mega Man is working with Dr. Light and Dr. Wily to find a cure for a deadly virus that only effects robots. Only this time around, players can choose Mega Man or Proto Man before tackling Dr. Wily's newest Robot Masters (who've gone crazy). They've also added an easy mode for all of you babies out there. So, is this new classic adventure worth your $10? The short answer is yes.

The game is everything you love (and hate) about Mega Man games. There are 8 new Robot Masters to fight and then a 3 stage Wily Castle to plow through in order to beat the game. Like Mega Man 9, there are various acheivements that you can earn by doing basic (reach each Robot Master) or nearly impossible (don't jump) tasks. There is a shop that you can spend screws on to by energy tanks and extra lives. This game doesn't have as many one-hit kills as the last version and that's about it. The real change this time around is the difficulty.

I don't know for certain, but I would think that a lot of non-Mega Man fans would have been turned off by the rediculous difficulty in Mega Man 9 and because of this they're probably not interested in getting this one because of how many controllers were damaged. However, the developers over at Capcom have taken note and toned down the difficulty in this version to appeal to your average gamer. They have even gone so far as to include an easy mode that you can choose to save those brand new controllers you bought after the last game.

For seasoned Mega Man players, this drop in difficulty can make the game seem a little too easy to be enjoyable. For these players the easy mode is an absolute cake walk, but it can be helpful to get used to the level outlines and the bosses movement and weapon patterns. I set my 5 year-old son up on easy mode and he was able to kill a few robot masters, but his short attention span kicked in and he went on to play something else. The Normal Mode isn't very difficult until you get to Wily's Castle where you face a marathon of sub-boss and boss fights and it's difficult if you burn your resources early.

In closing, the music and bosses aren't as memorable as previous releases and the difficulty will draw more players to the series but won't impress hardcore fans. Some of the stages are a lot of fun to play through and I liked a couple sub-bosses during the Wily Stage.

Overall I'd say Mega Man 10 is pretty Rippin'

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