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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Music Rhythm Game Now A Bit More Accurate

You see that? Just another guitar, right? Oh no sir. What you see there is an actual game controller.

Originally reported over at Kotaku, The Power Gig guitar is a new peripheral from Seven 45 studios for their first ever game, Power Gig: Rise of the Six-string. The title itself should clue you in to the premise: Guitar Hero with way more skill. The even better part of the guitar/controller is that it can be plugged into an amp and played for realsies! Unfortunately, it's size is still scaled down for the video game crowd, as it only looks slightly larger than a Guitar Hero controller.

But think of the possibilities here. Learning actual guitar and not just pressing the same five buttons over and over. Learning scales and chords, which the game will assist you with via a Chord Play mode. Yep, your Xbox just became an artsy musical teacher. However, you may want to dash your hopes of tearing through Dragonforce anytime soon, as the original model of the Power Gig doesn't include a whammy bar. And what's Dragonforce with gratuitous whammy use?

No release date is posted yet, as the game portion is still in pre-alpha mode, but I can see the hard-core metal musician crowd totally gravitating towards this. It just seems like a more grown-up version version of Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Now, who wants to take bets on when a drum kit variation of this comes out?

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