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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My first live show in ages, and I'm blissfully content.

The Black Dahlia Murder, Obscura (?), Augury, and Hatesphere @ The Magic Stick in Detroit, March 24, 2010

The main thing that sucked about not having wheels for so long was that I had to miss a lot of good tours that rolled through the Detroit area. Show after show after sow sped on through, and there I was, left with a worthless bus pass and a frown upon my face. But NO MORE! For last night, I attended my first show since.... what, October now? Wow, 6 1/2 months without risking serious damag to my ears. No wonder my hearing has improved!

When the horde is allowed into the venue, we get some bummer news: Obscura had to go home early thanks to their drummer dumping mega hot water on his arms and suffering third degree burns in the process. Heh, must of been his pot of spaghetti ever. So, in their place, we get a Hatebreed clone so obvious to the band they're ripping off, that I expect Jamey Jasta to jump on stage and start yapping about calls for blood and staying true to one's self and making fists and proceeding to shake said fists.

At least Hatebreed Lite's set was short, and we can get on to the real show.

Hatesphere is one of those bands where I see everyone wearing their merch, band members and fans alike, but I never heard a lick of their music. That's laziness on my part, but I keep getting reminded of it. I was starting to fear that the band's name just happens to be cooler than their music. Well, I;m happy to report that the logo and music are equally pretty badass. Hatesphere is a very talented metalcore-ish band from Denmark that do their breakdowns old school thrash style. They even throw in a little bit of doom metal here and there to vary things up. They did do what they were supposed to: made my unfamiliar ears want to check out m ore of their music.

Too bad I couldn't buy any of their shirts. Damn you, Sgt. Pepperoni's overpriced yet extremely tasty jalapeno poppers! Your ludicrous price tag has cost me to miss out on more heavy metal fashion!

A moon crashing into a planet. Well, Augury just won for best logo of the night.

Augury is a tech-death band, along the lines of Obscura. While Obscura are the better of the two, Augury definitely have their own sci-fi vibe to them. Like the planets colliding logo wasn't a tee-off to begin with. The Detroit crowd didn't seem to dig them much, but this is the same group of people who were vehemently cheering for Hatebreed Lite earlier in the evening, so I find their tastes to be slightly off kilter. In the end  Augury made me want to check them out as well.

Well, no unfamiliar territory here. This is BDM's final show on their current tour, it's a hometown show, in one of their favorite venues to play, and they've already consumed a shitload of free beer. May the carnage begin! Big highlight for me was finally hearing Christ Deformed, my fave track off of Deflorate, live for the first time. Plus, every opening track from each pf their cd's. It's like they picked my dream set list! The only downside was that as nice of a little venue as the Magic Bag is, BDM need a bigger stage to play on. That tiny little thing can barely hold all those guys. Plus, it didn't allow lead vocalist Trevor Strnad the room he needs to do his usual schtick. Oh well, budgets are tight nowadays. Maybe next tour they'll have a few more bucks and play The Majestic.

All in all, a joyous return to the live Detroit scene, and a Slaytanic evening all together! Now, let's hope the flow keeps going for Dillinger Escape Plan next week.

Select Tweets From the Evening:

Being complimented quite warmly for my Amon Amarth shirt. I'm a heavy metal fashionista today!
Hatesphere's singer has some weird Vanilla Ice thing going with his hair. I hope the next song is Ninja Rap.

If the hair swoop kids fought the hipster metal kids here, the swoops would win on sheer numbers alone.

Augury is the music the Roman empire would play into battle if they rose in power again.

Mr. Strnad: the most mobile chubby man in metal today.

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