Games Meet Metal: Poser or Powerhouse?: Winds of Plague - The Great Stone War

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Poser or Powerhouse?: Winds of Plague - The Great Stone War

There's more to metal than just high octane lyrics about battle and chugging guitars, but we all know sometimes that's all we need. Winds of Plague certainly delivers in spades, with quick speedy tracks that are guaranteed to get you pumped for whatever sports event you're into.

That's not to say the production here is shitty, as there are certainly moments with lovely keyboard work like on "Soldiers of Doomsday" that add some depth and spoken word tracks like "Earth" and "The Great Stone War" have some neat organ work and help make the album more complete (even if "Earth" isn't really a song). For the most part though, chuggers like "Battle Scars" and "Chest and Horns" carry the album on good old fashioned heavy metal: nothing new, but still done well enough to get the adrenaline pumping.

The best track on the record for my money is the outro "Tides of Change", which changes pace a bit by being a really nifty punk rocker. I wouldn't have minded more of this style, but the metal style of the other tunes works just as well.

Overall: Winds of Plague is not going for any most exciting new sound awards here, as The Great Stone War is pretty much what the album art would make you expect: some really loud, fast, metal to get you ready for war fictional or imagined (hopefully imagined, unless you're using war as a football metaphor). It does what it does well enough to warrant a Rippin'.

Pros: Nails the high octane feel it obviously aims for
Cons: Nothing incredibly new

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