Games Meet Metal: This is why I now have multiple locks on my door

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Monday, March 22, 2010

This is why I now have multiple locks on my door

I got so into Mass Effect 2 when I bought it. The first was a damn fine game, but part two improved upon it so much. New upgrade system, great looking, awesome plot. Okay, so mining for materials for upgrades was tedious and hella boring, but the end justified the means. Notice how I'm referring to all of this stuff in the past tense? No, I didn't beat the game, nor did I have to shelve it for a bit. Oh no, the damn thing was STOLEN FROM ME! Note to self: don't leave your druggie cousin alone in a room, as you'll come back and find that you're a little less wealthy.

Now I'm betting my money that druggo cuz and EA are in on this just to get me to buy more copies of ME2 just so I can spend even more loot on ME2 DLC, The Cerberus Network has been pounding about a good chunk of free stuff over the past couple months, but now it's time to toss up the first bit of paid DLC. In this case, it's a new crew member named Kasumi, a thief who needs Shepard's help on a big heist. You'll also be getting a new gun and some new upgrades to fiddle around with. The DLC will run ya 560 MS points and be out sometime in April.

Not up to spending a few bucks? EA's got you covered, as they're also readying the Firewalker pack. It's a set of five missions over five planets that you can use your new Hammerhead hover-tank. Oh, and these mission will be for the price of nada and be available March 23.

In the meantime, wet yourself with some screenshots of Kasumi after the jump. Girl looks like she can handle herself, but needs lessons in how to apply lipstick.

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