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Monday, April 19, 2010

8-bit Metal Mondays: FUCK WE GOT (almost) ROBBED!!

So, it's near close at my work last night, and a couple walks into the store to order. The chick goes to use the bathroom, and the man orders. Nothing weird yet, I start making their stuff up, and I hear a muffled noise. Real muffled, since I was next to the oven, and any noise going through that area is barely audible. Anyways, she reappears, they grab their food, and make a b-line for the road. That just screams suspicious to me.

So I go in the back and check what's up, and it's a mess. This bitch went into the lady's john, used the sink to crawl into our drip ceiling, and made the ceiling collapse in our office. I'm surprised the sound wasn't louder. Hell, it probably was, but that damn over sure wasn't helping. It's obvious they were looking for money, but everything was stashed in our safe, which is always locked. So boo hoo for them. But then boo hoo for me, as dickhead snagged my cell phone and Ipod while I was making their food and my back was turned. Since they booked so quick, and the cops didn't get there until 20 minutes later, there's no chance of these little shits getting caught, which bites balls. The phone had a replacement plan, but the Ipod, not so much.

So, in wanting to make this 8-bit Metal Monday topical, I looked for a song about thievery. As it turns out, metal is a little light in the subject of stolen goods. You can take someone's soul, their heart, or their integrity in the metal world, but stealing their personal belongings just doesn't seem to be a major topic of discussion. Hey, metal world, get on that shit! The closest I could find was Chimaira's Eyes of a Criminal. A personal favorite, but no 8-bit version!

So, I went in a different direction. Here's a bleepy version of tech metal masters Preiphery's All New Materials. After losing some of my beloved techy toys, I'm gonna need some new materials myself.

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