Games Meet Metal: Airbourne Drummer Ryan O'Keefe speaks on games and metal (no shit)

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Airbourne Drummer Ryan O'Keefe speaks on games and metal (no shit)

I recently sent some questions Airbourne drummer Ryan O'Keefe's way, bugging him about his take on Australia, videogames, metal, and drumming. His responses, like his music, are pretty damn straightforward. It's a good thing.

GMM-You guys obviously have a classic rock style of song making, but are there any old videogames with not-so-rock soundtracks you dug?

RO-Not that I can remember. Probably not.

GMM-I've heard you used to make up songs for games like Road Rash when you were younger, are there any videogames out now you would want to give the same treatment? Maybe Airbourne could have its own Need for Speed OST or something?

RO-Let's just remake road rash and chuck some airbourne in and tear it up.

GMM-This is a painfully cliche question I'm sure you've been asked, but what's your take on Rock Band and the like? Is the drum machine really that accurate?

RO-I'd have to say personally I haven't tried it as yet.

GMM-Your music's been featured in a few games like Madden etc. How many of the games your music's appeared in do you play on a regular basis?

RO-We have a go at them all when we get the chance on the bus.

GMM-What upcoming games are you looking forward to?

RO-Crysis 2, deuse ex 3, ruse, mafia 2, medal of honor redux, splinter cell conviction, alpha protocol.

GMM-Any chance you'd make a licensed game featuring the band say, killing pterodactyls with the screech of a guitar?

RO-Hah never know have to see what comes up.

GMM-I know at least one Australian guy that always complains of how super high priced videogames can be in Australia. Do you guys experience this, or are you too busy touring to be shopping at Australian game stores?

RO-Yeah they are about 100 a pop, although we grab them all over the world these days.

GMM-While we're on the subject of Australia, games like Grand Theft Auto seem to get banned when they first appear. Are there any games banned from Australian markets you'd want to play, or any games you don't think should have been banned? Or is American news just full of shit and you guys don't really have games banned too often.

RO-I'm pretty sure they just get delayed for a little bit for something in the game but they all get released.

GMM-What made you want to play drums in the first place? Any preference on brands for kick pedals etc.?

RO-Started playing because Joel needed someone to play with. Love Tama all works good.

GMM-Obviously, you and AC/DC are fairly high profile Australian bands. What's the musical culture there from your perspective? Is there a pretty strong hard rock/metal following or is it mostly pop on the airwaves?

RO-It's becoming more rock'n'roll wich is great, there's a few bands we follow when we're home. One comes to mind: "the poor," and an album you must get you hands on is "who cares".

GMM-Do you like more low key videogames like Heavy Rain and the like, or is it all the fast and furious stuff all the time?

RO-To be honest the war ones. Anything to do with guns!

GMM-What's the best rock-driven soundtrack or individual song you've heard in a videogame other than yours?

RO-Roadrash back in the day! Or maybe the first need for speed.

GMM-Are you going to pull a sorta Rob Zombie at any point and actually design videogames?

RO-Right now we don't have much time to do much however I got a couple of killer ideas!

GMM-What's the hardest instrument for you to play in real life and what's the hardest instrument for you to play in Rock Band?

RO-Drum takes it out of me, it would probably be drums for rock band.

GMM-Is there anything you want to add?

RO-Keep on rock'n in the free world.

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