Games Meet Metal: Congrats on freedom, Darkest Hour. Now go have some schnapps!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Congrats on freedom, Darkest Hour. Now go have some schnapps!

Victory Records has had quite a shady history. Not paying artists their advances, not supplying proper promo gear, signing Hawthorne Heights, quite a few bad things. many an artist has laid the badmouth on Victory's owner, Tony Brummel, and compared him more to being a mafia boss than a label guy. It was Tony's attitude that made their first gold mine, Hatebreed, leave the label to pursue greener pastures. I got to experience this myself when trying to arrange some promotional stuff for my place of business. Instead, I was being pushed into doing cd sales just so they could up their sales. Word of note, guys: cd's don't sell at pizza stores!

Looks like another band has earned their freedom, as label long stays Darkest Hour have completed their contract with the music mafia and have gone over to E1 Music. E1 has been grabbing up a bunch of established bands the past couple of years which is a smart strategy. Established bands have larger fan bases and thus more disposable income. Plus, E1 pays a little more per cd sold, so more cash in the artist's pocket. Oh, and no threats of sleeping wit da fishes, so that's a good thing.

In celebration, take a listen to Darkest Hour's Sadist Nation.

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