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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dillinger Escape Plan's Option Paralysis: The Riff Review

CD of the year. That's it. Thank you, drive home safely, and please tip your waitress.

.....uh what? You want more? Okay, but that waitress is getting a smaller tip!

So, here we are with a new DEP album, and we didn't have to wait a good percentage of a decade for it. Good thing too. The wait between Miss Machine and Ire Works is the kind of thing that could cause riots. But now that Option Paralysis is out, it makes me think,"Why did these guys take so long with Ire Works, when they made greatness in the matter of half that time?" And that's what Option Paralysis is: a work of greatness that will define the band for years to come.

OP, opening track, "Farewell Mona Lisa", is pure frantic Dillinger. Coincidentally, it has also become my number one driving song. It really reminds me of the first two tracks off of Miss Machine: it starts off at a high-octane pace, then quiets down to a much slower, but still angry vibe. In fact, quiet and angry is a good way to describe OP as a whole. Much of the cd has some actual piano playing with lead singer Greg Pacuito doing more clean singing than any other DEP release to date.

Don't knock the slower pace of OP as a step back. Thus shit works! I know I always use this as an example, but it's kind of like Opeth's Damnation. The music is slow and even acoustic at times, but one listen and you know who it is. Then a few listens more, and you're hooked. Take OP's sixth track, Widower, for example. The song sounds straight up like a full-on piano ballad, something Barry Manilow would be proud of. But then the pace picks up a little bit, and you now know it's definitely a Dillinger song. Then you start humming along to the rhythm and BAM! You're hooked! I should know, I've been humming that rhythm at work a lot.

I'm not kidding about that CD of the year bit at the beginning. A few have come close (Fallen Martyr, Bison B.C., The Ocean), but DEP may take home the honors this year. On the flipside, I looooooove competition. C'mon, bands of the world, top this bad boy!

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