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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Helping Reclaim My Prestige With The Operation!

Alrighty, let's set the way-back machine to the end of 2008 to help set this one up. The recession had us all gripped by the balls, and I was no different. My pay and hours were cut at work, I couldn't pay my bills, and I needed a quick influx of cash STAT or I was gonna have utilities turning off on me at a rapid pace. Thus began the Great Gaming Console Exile of 2008, as I had to give up quite a bit of my collection just to stay warm during the winter. Man, those cuts were deep. The 360, Wii, Ds, and PSP all went the way of shitty commerce. In hindsight, I probably should of also sold my PS3, but I paid for that sucker back when it was still $500, and I just couldn't part with that much of an investment in my entertainment.

Now let's jump ahead a bit to May 2009. I got through the worst of the bust, and worked myself back up to my old pay and hours. Now I had a new goal: reclaim my old gaming prestige. Thus began the Great Gaming Console Salvage Operation, which is still going on today. To start, I had to be cheap. First was getting a PS2 when they dipped in price to $100. Then I bought a very well used first generation PSP off a guy from work for $50. In time, I was able to get a new Xbox 360. All my save games may have gone the way of the dodo, but I was able to retrieve all my Live downloads, so I say it's a wash. For awhile there, I was content. Nintendo just wasn't releasing anything to tickle my junk over.

It's a damn shame that Nintendo went the route of the casual gamer for so long. The Wii just wasn't what it was living up to be, thus my relative ease in giving it away. But to give the DS away was a hard one. Casual titles aside, I really liked the split-screen and touch screen gaming the system has. I had a first generation DS, and I played that sucker into the ground. When I was forced to give it up is when the Ds Lite and Dsi were popping up, and I wasn't impressed. They were too small for my giganto hands and those tiny styluses weren't going to win any awards soon. So for the longest time, I let Nintendo languish without any of my well earned cash.

Until, I saw this.......

The Nintendo Dsi XL. Finally, a handheld system for those of us with chubby hands and shit poor eyesight. I guess you could say the original DS could help those chubby handed types, but those small-as-hell screen sure wasn't helping the partially blind among us. Oh, and a fat stylus. EVERYONE needs a fat stylus, especially with someone with shitty handwriting like me.

Long story short, I picked up a Dsi XL (or, as the employees of my local Gamestop are trying to get over, the D-Sixel), and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Having missed out on tons of good games thanks to the Exodus has made me wanting for good handheld gaming. Immediately I picked up Zelda: Spirit Tracks and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Zelda has been consuming the most time, and it's been a blissful reunion so far. Now I'm thinking about restarting my Gamefly subscription so I can keep playing all those old DS games for pennies.

Awesome new D-Sixel aside, the Salvage Operation continues. With the Wii being more of a download powerhouse and real marquee games soon to pop out, it looks like it's time to return to remote waggling. Plus, I might be upgrading my PSP to the 3000 model when a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker gift set pops up in June. Then, the Operation will finally be complete.

Unless that new 3DS turns out to be worth the money. In which case, well played Nintendo.

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