Games Meet Metal: Kevin Smith look-a-like gets a sweet gig.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Kevin Smith look-a-like gets a sweet gig.

Just received a press release about a comedian that I never heard of, Big Jay Oakerson, will be a "master of ceremonies" for Korn's upcoming Jagermeister tour, as well as for the Mayhem festival. Now for me, tidbits like this are a blessing. I love stand-up comedy, and any opportunity to catch a new act, be it at a club or through Youtube, I jump at. I was raised on a healthy collection of George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Monty Python, so I like to believe I have a good sense of what's funny and what's just a Carlos Mencia wanna-be.

So, I popped on over to Youtube to check out this guy, and you know what? Dude ain't too bad.... as long as his material stays in the R-rated area. Clean comedy is not Jay's strong point. Dude needs to stick to the f-bombs and sex through holes in the sheets and he'll do fine. Since the crowd he'll be performing in front of is down with the filthy language, I think he'll do fine.

Hit the jump to watch a couple of clips in action. Be warned that the stuff is very NSFW!!!!

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