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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The one and only I time ever saw Nile was on the free Ozzfest of 2007. It was a glorious 30 minutes of awesomeness, but still, only 30 friggin' minutes. That's barely enough time to get the band warmed up, much less play a set packed enough to get even more people interested. Even so, they got a new fan that day. I bought their cd, met the band, and all was good. I then awaited the day that Nile would play a headlining show in my neck of the woods.  And I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Jeezy Creezy guys, you guys just hate coming through here or something? I mean, three years? Wait, I know. It's the lack of pyramids and no dead pharaohs. If that's the case, then Chicago must have tons of that stuff just laying around. Wrigley Field was probably built on top of a tomb or two.

Well, someone must have lied and said Tutankhaman (or however the hell you spell that guy's name) is buried in the D because Nile have a new tour, and they're FINALLY rolling through here, as well as a few other places as well. And look, they're bringing friends in the form of Ex Deo, Psycroptic, Keep of Kalessin, and Pathology. They must be the archaeologist team.

All your ancient curse-filled dates after the jump.

October 31st Raleigh, NC – Volume 11
November 01st Louisville, KY – Headliner’s Music hall
November 02nd Baltimore, MD – Sonar
November 03rd Farmingdale, NY – Crazy Donkey
November 04th Manchester, NH – Rocko’s
November 05th Providence, RI – Club Hell
November 06th Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s
November 07th Detroit, MI – Blondie’s
November 08th Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Rock Club
November 09th St. Paul, MN – Station 4
November 12th Seattle, WA – El Corazon
November 13th Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
November 14th San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
November 15th Ramona, CA – Ramona Mainstage
November 16th Los Angeles, CA – Key Club
November 17th Mesa, AZ – U.B.’s Bar
November 18th Tucson, AZ – The Rock
November 20th Austin, TX – Emo’s
November 21st Houston, TX – The Warsaw
November 23rd Orlando, FL – Club Firestone
November 24th Fort Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room

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