Games Meet Metal: Riff Tries To Annoy Truth Corroded's Jason North, Fails Miserably

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Riff Tries To Annoy Truth Corroded's Jason North, Fails Miserably

(Holy schneikies! It's our first interview ever! Lead vocalist Jason North for Australia's Truth Corroded (whose last album, Upon The Warlord's Crawl, got a good tounguebath from yours truly), took the time from his busy schedule of being all metal and stuff to answer a few questions. Thanks to Alex from Team All About The Music for setting this up, and to Jason himself for not chucking a boomerang at our heads for asking a bunch of nerdy questions. Okay, read on!)
GMM- Can you give us a quick recap of the band's history, for the U.S. metalheads who might not know you?

JN-We are an extreme Thrash band from South Australia that started out as a four piece and then later reformed as a five piece in 2003. We have had a few line up changes along the way but the main base of Truth Corroded has always been Mark Lennard (who formed the band) on guitars, Greg Shaw on bass and Myself on Vocals. Musically our influences are metal bands from the late 80’s early 90’s thrash / death era - Sepultura, Testament, Dark Angel, Kreator, Forbidden, Vio-lence, Malevolent Creation etc mixed in with some more diverse and current bands like Neurosis, Behemoth, Lamb of God, Misery Index, Napalm Death etc. These influences help create what we call the Truth Corroded sound.

GMM-You guys have done some pretty expansive touring in the Pacific rim. Does it get exhausting doing all that ocean hopping?

JN-Personally I love touring, its one of the main reasons why we play music, I love seeing other places in the world, meeting up with some great new friends, new fans and seeing new cultures. The travelling side of things can sometimes suck but when you know there is something  new and great waiting for you its all worth it.

GMM-You've also done some touring in China as well. Do you find the Chinese a bit metal starved, since foreign acts are just starting to be allowed to tour in the Communist nation?

JN-We have been very lucky to have toured China twice now and it’s definitely a different world there especially compared to Australia. China is extremely Metal starved but we were surprised to see the amount of bands that have played Beijing, (Testament, Soilwork, Arch Enemy etc and recently Lamb of God), so they are definitely starting to get a lot of tours over there. But the scene we noticed is pretty much non-existent, there is no promo over there and you don’t see metal heads walking the streets etc. But they are definitely hungry for metal and the crowds are very crazy when they get into. 2 of our all time best shows have been in Guangzhou, China (formerly Canton), the crowd has been extremely awesome, and we played alongside Behemoth in Beijing, and that was definitely something special.

GMM-Truth Corroded is about to pop into the studio to record their next record. Any particular direction you're taking on the record?

JN-The album will be the next logical step for TC, a bit heavier with a lot of fast stuff, probably the fastest songs we have ever written, but we still got a lot of solid groves on there that will easily get your head moving. Everything  that is TC is in these songs but taken up a notch or ten.

GMM-Scar Symmetry guitarist Jonas Kjellegren is gonna be mixing and mastering the new record. You've already worked with him in the past as well. How'd you guys hook up in the first place?

JN-When we started writing our last album ‘Upon The Warlords Crawl’ we knew we had strong songs and we really wanted to get the best sound we could (Australia doesn’t have many known producers / mixers here especially when it comes to Metal), so we wrote down a list of (international) names and started contacting them to find prices, availability etc.  We then checked out Carnal Forges ‘Testify for my Victims’ and The Absence ‘Riders of the Plague’ albums and we loved what we heard and knew this was our guy. So we contacted Jonas and sent him some tracks and he loved what he heard and showed immediate enthusiasm to mix and master the album. We locked him in and the final result was awesome and ever since he has been supporting the band so it was just logical we went with him again for our next album.

GMM-Truth Corroded now have a publicity arm here in the U.S. Does that mean a U.S. tour is in the immediate future?

JN-I sure hope so, it’s becoming a bit easier now for bands from Australia to play places like the U.S and Europe with cheaper flights etc and more access and exposure to metal bands from around the globe. But by getting this publicity deal (with Team All About The Music) I am sure it gives us a massive step in the right direction for us to finally tour over there. I say bring it on.

GMM-Ever get tired of the usual Aussie stereotypes? For instance, I have a friend who lives in Perth, and he is very adamant that Foster's is NOT Australian for beer. Are you along the same lines, or is beer just beer?

JN-I think I can vouch for every Australian and say Fosters is the shittest beer in the country! For anyone out there wanting quality Australian beer hunt down any beer from Tasmania (James Boags, Cascade etc) as it easily destroys that Fosters crap. I think every country has its stereotypes but Australia has some funny ones. But yeah we all ride Kangaroos to work, say g’day, Put another shrimp on the Barbee etc and pray to our god Steve Irwin. Haha - not.

GMM-Bassist Greg Shaw also happens to be Truth Corroded's manager, showing a real do-it-yourself attitude. Do you guys always try to keep the business side of the band within the members themselves?

JN-It’s something we have always done, that way you know what needs to be done is done. We have never relied on anyone else to do stuff for us and we feel we have the knowledge and know how to get things done be it Managerial, Promotion, Art whatever. We all have very strong work ethics. But if things got too out of hand then we would happily work with the right people or anyone we feel could help advance TC in the right direction.

GMM-What do you see for the band in the immediate future? U.S. record label? Extensive touring?

JN-We start recording in about 2 months, plan to have that out over here (Australia)  by September / October and then we will set out on tour in Australia and beyond with already talks of Japan  and then European shows for remainder of the year, then hopefuly we will hit the U.S. We also will be doing our best to get the album out in the U.S via a label or licensing deal.

GMM-Our site's called Games Meet Metal, so we're always on the lookout for closet gamers in the metal world. Got any hiding in your band?

JN-I personally like to play a game or two, I am no fanatic but find no harm in destroying the shit out of aliens or bumping people off in GTA in the comfort of my own home. Myself and Mark (Guitars) are big Football (Sorry, Soccer) fans so we love to play Fifa whenever we get the chance.

GMM-Another gaming related question. Michael Atkinson, Attorney General of South Australia, just stepped down from his position. He was the main force stopping Australia from having a mature game rating, so many an Aussie were forced to shoot zombies minus all the blood and goo. Did this affect you in any way?

JN-That guy was an absolute joke over here, he had this massive stance on gaming restrictions and R-Rated movies. But he has gone now so hopefully common sense will prevail and we can buy as much gaming violence as we like. Not that it mattered you could just buy the games from the U.S or even New Zealand for cheaper.

GMM-In closing, anything you want to say to those who've never listened to your music yet?

JN-If you like your metal aggressive and in your face then check us out at our myspace, facebook, website etc. If you like it get in touch as we always love talking to metal fans from around the world and help spread the Truth Corroded sound worldwide. Hopefully we can be in your country soon and be sure to shout us a beer (Not Fosters though – please). And thanks to Games Meet Metal for the interview and support it means a lot to us.

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