Games Meet Metal: Rotting Christ's AEALO-The Riff Review

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rotting Christ's AEALO-The Riff Review

Awhile back, I was thinking of the Roman legion. I was considering what their "metal" might have sounded like. I pictured something not in the pure death metal sense, but more groove oriented, with not-too-complicated solos and a decent beat you could march to. Somebody screaming in war cries that could be mean-spirited even in Latin would of been nice. You knw, the type of music you would wear an ornate helmet for while you held back a Celtic horde and prayed to Zeus at the same time.

Little did I know that Greece had the answer I was looking for.

Before listening to them, I only knew Rotting Christ as the band that Dave Mustaine got pissy about  sharing the same stage with. Plus, their name just rang "generic black metal" and thus my interest died right there. Then I listened to their newest cd, AEALO, and learned two things: 1. Dave is a bigger dick than I thought: and 2. Rotting Christ is NOT generic! While Christ may have aped the black meta genie earlier in their career, they have taken on a more epic feel in their later years, and AEALO shows they've decided to go a more Legionnaire style of direction, if the album cover wasn't already a hint.

AEALO starts off with the title track, and the baying of ancient Roman concubines. Maybe even oracles perhaps? Then the guitar kicks in, and that whole "marching in tune vibe" kicks in. Seriously, this stuff could be played to the soldiers of Rome to keep them in line. Maybe those guys from 300 would use track two, "Eon Aenaos", as workout music. Oh yeah, the Latin, don't worry too much about it. Most of the titles are in a dead language, but the lyrics are all in lovely English, and heretical enough to give a priest or two a n eyebrow lift.

I have to wonder if the band members themselves feel a little perturbed about keeping the Rotting Christ moniker, since their music only gives hints of their black metal origins. Lead singer Sakis Tolis has made no secret of his hatred for religion, despite also separating himself from the rest pf the "evil metal" flock. Go look up his rant on Dave Mustaine for a few LOL's. Politics and personal beliefs aside, AEALO is still a suitable metal release, God hating or not. Maybe if Dave listened to their stuff first, he wouldn't of had such a dusty vagina.


  1. "the lyrics are all in lovely English"? Eeeer, not in my cd, man... :P

  2. It's ancient greek dude, not latin or Roman..And the soundscape of this album based in folk greek music...Greeting from Greece