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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wait, could something finally be brewing for Ozzfest?!?!

I've been keeping tabs on the metal news tickers lately for anything about this year's Ozzfest. I've also been checking the official website, bugging people in the biz I know (all two of them), and praying to our dark lord Satan for any little tidbits of info. Well, Finally, it looks like some nuggets may have fallen! On Ozzfest's main web page, the "Band" page listing had been a placeholder for the uber line-up for the 2008 Texas show. It is now mysteriously blank. Tradition generally means that if the page goes blank, then an announcement is forthcoming. About damn time too!

Also, some hints have fallen about a few second stage bands. First, Dirge Within have posted this photo on their Myspace:
Yeah, it looks cheesy as all hell, but if it's on the band's Myspace page, then that's as good as an official announcement as we're gonna get for now. There's also chit chat of 36 Crazyfists being on the bill, but that's from the Ozzfest forums, so take that with an entire salt mine.

Still no news as to potential main stage acts, but I'll throw one out there: As I Lay Dying. They have a new album coming out real soon, and their current tour (which is all second market venues, coincidentally) ends right before the summer concert season kicks in. I'd say they just became one hella candidate.

An official announcement has to be made soon, because if we wait any longer, the whole thing's gonna be half over before we even see a press release! Okay, I'm over exaggerating, but I'm just getting tired of playing "dream booker" and want something concrete. Today would be nice.....

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