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Saturday, May 8, 2010

As I Lay Dying's the Powerless Rise: Another Disturbying Review

May 11th is creeping up on us so I should probably hammer this one out before the album hits the streets. As I Lay Dying (AILD just to make my life easier) is one of those bands that I'm not too crazy about. They have a great sound, they are really high energy and they have some of the best breakdowns out of any band out there. My problem with them (and a lot of bands) is that their music ends up sounding the same after a while. So it has been a while since I have listened to an AILD album in full. I've been listening to Tim Lambesis' side project Austrian Death Machine, which suffers from the same problem but it's fucking hilarious. Expecting much of the same I started listening to The Powerless Rise and found that I was pleasantly surprised.

Now, maybe it's just that I'm not overly familiar with AILD but I don't remember there being a lot of clean vocals in their music. So when I listened to the album's second song Anodyne Sea and heard a chorus being sung instead of screamed I thought I was listening to a different band. The rest of the song is classic AILD; high tempo'd with a couple guitar solos, a breakdown, and machine gun double bass. There are a couple songs on the album where Tim sings instead of screams, and they are a welcome addition to the AILD library. But the majority of the album is the AILD that everyone knows and loves (or loves to hate). I really like the song Condemned, Without Conclusion and the slow album closer The Blinding of False Light.

Producing this album is Killswitch Engage's Adam Dutkiewicz. He also produced AILD's last album and was brought on by the guys because they felt he's the best one to capture their energy and sound. For the uninformed, Adam D. is a bit of a clown. He likes to mess around with people and has a great sense of humour that never tends to stop. Whenever I see an interview with the guy I jump at the chance to read it because they guy is hilarious. This time around, AILD filmed some parts of their recording session with Adam D. and uploaded them for everyone to see. Observe:

Pretty funny stuff eh? One would think that maybe they were getting a little fed up with him at the end but I guess we'll see if he's invited back for the next album.

To wrap this up, The Powerless Rise is a pretty good record. The pacing of the songs is very good so the listener has a chance to familiarize themselves with each song instead of getting lost in a sea of metal. This album has made me interested in AILD again so I will probably be filling the house with some metalcore over the next couple weeks. As I mentioned, the album will be released on May 11th and you check out more info on the album here (like streaming audio, more videos from the studio and a link to pre-order).

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