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Thursday, May 13, 2010

On the whole Limp Dick thing.....

So, everyone is up in arms about the Limp Bizkit reunion. Jokes have been made en masse. Total failure has been predicted. My God, the world might end! It's the rap metal Apocalypse! FUCK!!!!! RUN!!!!

Hey, I agree with most of you out there. It bites that this horrible band is giving one more shot, and we have to be constantly hearing about it. But we're gonna have to grin and bear it, as this thing isn't gonna stop any time soon, With a new album and tour on the horizon, there's a lot of money at stake here, and they're not gonna stop until they make at least a few bucks.

And ya know what? They will make a few bucks. Probably more than a few. And it'll be enough moolah to keep Limp Bizkit around for awhile longer. And it'll all be our fault.

Why? Well, look back to the Bush-Kerry presidential campaign.

Bush's numbers were in the toilet, and the Dems were making a big push for the White House with Kerry as their man. Now, Kerry wasn't the strongest candidate in the world, but the Democrats were hoping that word-of-mouth to get voters into those booths would turn the tide. So they screamed from the heavens, "GET OUT AND VOTE!! LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!!" Well, the opposite effect happened, and a ton of young Republicans ended up hearing the call as well, and their votes started filling those ballot boxes, and BOOM! Bush gets four more years thanks to the Dems and a weak candidate.

Now look at what we're doing. We're throwing the bad mouth at Bizkit. We're calling attention to their new record. We're making noise about a tour. We're ripping on them every second we get. In the end, we're informing all those Fred Durst fans that the band is back, and they're gonna spend their money on said cd and tour. Maybe even a few red baseball caps, just for old times sake.

Yep, Limp'll make some money to justify their continued existence. They'll continue to tour and record for a bit longer. They'll keep rollin rollin rollin. And it'll all be our fault.

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  1. Nah, their last couple of albums bombed hard. They're the Vanilla Ice of our generation, and we all know where he is now. If this new album tanks (and it will), consider this band history.