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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We're All Doomed-

Even though Toxic Narcotic have been around since the late 80's, they hadn't released a full album until about 8 years ago. Up until that point, it was all about the 4-5 song EP's with these guys. Their sound hasn't changed much over the years, and 2002's We're All Doomed is this Boston crust-punk outfits explosive first outing on the full length format.

TN were born out of the (dying) Boston hardcore scene, and had a relatively unique brand of anarcho/crust-punk. They had many of the genres trademarks; like screamed vox, politically charged lyrics, with gobs and gobs of metal influence. What also made them stand out was their extremely hateful and dare I say, "realistic", take on traditional anarcho punk ideology. In addition, they had the ability to fuse blast beats with musical chops and (here's the kicker) actual songwriting. They have plenty of speed, but never quite sink into an indecipherable cacophony either. Yep, you can actually tell the difference between each of the songs. *gasp*

The lyrics here are very good. Not in a poetic or artistic kind of way, but in the sense that they're smart, biting, and cut like a razor, which fits in well with their harsh and uncompromising sound. The topics range from misanthropy (something any punk/metalhead can relate to), beer, selling out, and anarchist politics, as mentioned earlier. Not a very broad pallette, but this is a crust punk record, so who gives a fuck?

The musicianship here is tighter and more proficient than any of their previous records, although that should go without saying. Unless you're GG Allin, I guess. One last thing I should mention is that the lead singers voice is bound to make you crawl under your bed and hide. That's how fucking loud he screams.

If you enjoy this, I'd also recommend picking up their '89-99' release which compiles just about everything they did prior to WAD. And for live performance/DVD enthusiasts, Live In Boston should whet your appetite until the next time they come to your town. I wish these guys would come back to NJ.

This album earns the honor of being my last Slaytanic reviewed product. I say this because the rating system for GMM will likely be overhauled soon.

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