Games Meet Metal: When Nintendo Listens to Norweigan Black Metal

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Monday, May 3, 2010

When Nintendo Listens to Norweigan Black Metal

Now it just needs to denounce God and drink some goat blood to really disappoint it's parents.

Seriously though, this black Wii is pretty slick looking. About time too, as those lucky Europeans have been enjoying the blackest and bleakest of all consoles variants for too long now. Aside from getting Satan's favorite console with matching Wiimote and nunchuck, you also get a Wii Motion Plus. To top it all of, you'll get both Wii Sports and it's Resort sequel. The bundle price will remain $199.99, which isn't bleak or evil in any way. Honestly, that's a nice deal for someone who needs to get a Wii and has been waiting for a good while. Someone like me, perhaps.

Also, good news for all you God-fearing Christian folk, who feel that the black Wii will damn them to one of the lower circles of Hell. (Spoiler: IT WILL!!) All the goodies in the black package will also come in a Heavenly pious white version as well.

The black Wii starts cementing your souls on May 9th in the states with a Canadian release rumored for the end of the month. I guess the devil is having visa problems getting into Ottowa.

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