Games Meet Metal: 8-Bit Metal Wednesday: I Get To Blame Work Again!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

8-Bit Metal Wednesday: I Get To Blame Work Again!

Big emergency at work for the past few days. Boss had to take off, and I got left holding the rope. Also got left with an asston of hours to cover. So, yeah, the usual schpiel. Anyway, on to tunes.

In a bit of boredom, I surfed the waves of Youtube looking for something different for the weekly 8-bit column. Then an idea hit me: has anyone ever done a vocalized version of a Mega Man Track? Well, praise be to Satan, someone has done such a thing. Actually, quite a few people have, thus adding to the trends that I just keep missing. Plus, since Mega Man is always and even made out of metal, it can count for 8-bit Metal (insert day of choice here).

So, revel in the bleepiness that is Mega Man 3 with silly lyrics.

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