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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And Hell Followed With's Proprioception: The Riff Review

A little over a week back, GMM interviewed And Hell Followed With's guitarist Kyle McIlmurray, and posed to him the situation of the local Detroit music scene, a scene in which AHFW was born. Kye stated that it was in a state of flux, and it will recover as the economy recovers as well. The Detroit scene may not be back on it's legs just yet, but And Hell Followed With have shown that they're here to help it back up.

Proprioception, AHFW's Earache records debut, is a concept record. It tells the story of a young girl who is slowly losing her mind through vicious drug use. Pretty involving for a band who's members are just reaching the legal drinking age. Proprioception is also pure deathcore from beginning to end. Blast beats to start, heavy riffage to end it. A closer listen and you can hear some of  the bigger Detroit bands that influenced AHFW. There are tinges of Black Dahlia Murder's guitar work, and even some Walls of Jericho-inspired hardcore shout out sing-alongs.

There a few couple weaknesses here that show how young the band is. First off, Proprioception does have a way-too-familiar deathcore sound that way too many other bands have adopted. Their saving grace here is their use of guitar effect to give an uber creepy vibe for each song. And while the vibe may be different for each song, there does seem to be a bit or repetitiveness in each song. Once again, this is a concept record, so similarities in sings is almost unavoidable. We'll see on their next record if AHFW have beefed up their song writing skills to a more mature level.

Weaknesses aside, And Hell Followed With have shown they have a long future ahead of them Proprioception is the perfect solid base for them to build their metal following. Touring with the right acts could lead them to greatness. Sine we're on the subject of touring, may I suggest Job For a Cowboy, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, and AWFW. There ya go bookers, you can have that one for free.

Proprioception drops, well, TODAY!! You van go to the evil metal selling boutique of your choice, or just click on over to their spot on the Earache store, and get a patch for your efforts.

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